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Sporty Anna in knee high socks
Art.No. img00103, online since: 04.11.11

In white sneakers and white knee high socks Anna gives a totally sporty impression. And she waits longer than till the middle of the set until she shows her wonderful feet uncovered.

66 Images, 23 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Anna, 20 Years
Shoesize 8.5
Go to Anna's site
Schoolgirl Anna obviously has a lot of fun doing shootings. She loves to play different roles and manages it to stay still totally herself. And this is very great since she is a real happy person!

Elegant melanie
Art.No. img00102, online since: 01.11.11

With sexy high heels is how this set begins. You can watch her toes already shining out of these shoes. And then she shows more of her great feet with nice poses and perspectives.

74 Images, 16 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Melanie, 23 Years
Shoesize 5.5
Go to Melanie's site
Melanie has a lot of different interests and models a lot in her free time. But she never modelled as a foot model before. So she was totally surprised and convicted after she saw the results that even her feet are a totally eye catcher. Yes, we do know how :)

Agathe at the river
Art.No. img00101, online since: 28.10.11

Meet this redhead beauty outdoor at a river. She takes off her shoes and moves on barefoot from now on. She climbs, baths her feet and is happy to show you her feet clean and sandy as well.

70 Images, 53 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Agathe, 22 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Agathe's site
Agathe studies two semesters in Germany but comes from Chile. Yes, in deed a redhead girl can come from Chile, due to her ancestors. She is a very happy girl and is glad to model for us.

100 photosets - Party!
Art.No. img00100, online since: 25.10.11

Hard to believe, but we made 100 photosets in just 15months! We celebrate that with this specialset - perfect for new customers and 1st time orderers! We took 5 times half the photosets (=5 girls) from 5 different series (taken from img00003, 00006, 00014, 00050, 00081)

158 Images, 67 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Angel, 20 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Angel's site
Sonja, 20 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Sonja's site
Anja, 18 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Anja's site
Lucy, 20 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Lucy's site
Lisa, 18 Years
Shoesize 6.5
Go to Lisa's site

Mathea in Sneakers
Art.No. img00099, online since: 18.10.11

Finally an outdoor set with this dreamgirl. She waits for you in Adidas Sneakers and white socks. But after a little while she takes both off for you, so you can adore and enjoy her pure feet as well.

71 Images, 46 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Mathea, 18 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Mathea's site
It is not very often that we have such a happy person in front of our camera. Mathea has a lot of fun doing shootings and also a big talent for it. In her free time she meets with friends a lot and loves to make music by herself.

Lilly barefoot in Pumps
Art.No. img00098, online since: 14.10.11

A wonderful debut set with Lilly. Experience this happy footmode at the very 1st second in her life as footmodel. And she really does a fantastic job!

64 Images, 23 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lilly, 22 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Lilly's site
Lilly is a happy and open minded student. She has not many experiences doing modelling. But this is really not a problem, watching her images is still or even because of that a total pleasure.

Karen's colorful balloon fun
Art.No. img00097, online since: 11.10.11

In black nyons Karen takes a balloon bath. Some of them will be popped by her nylonfeet. The pantyhose will be teared appart at the end to release her feet from this nylon prison.

78 Images, 25 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Karen, 18 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Karen's site
If Karen would hide her feet, it would be a huge loss for mankind. Especially because she really has a lot of fun doing shootings. And this you can tell when seeing her productions!

Lina in Ballerinas
Art.No. img00096, online since: 07.10.11

The blonde Fairy Girl sits cozily on the sofa. She takes off her shoes, in which her feet still stick inside a pair of nylon socks. But very soon she is totally barefoot.

65 Images, 30 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lina, 18 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Lina's site
Lina poses - like all the other models, too - for the very first time as footmodel. And this she really does well. She still goes to school and in her free time she loves to dance.

Annika Outdoor
Art.No. img00095, online since: 04.10.11

Finally another set with beautiful Annika. She takes you outdoor, to her car, at the railways and shows her wonderful feet on a sunny day.

74 Images, 46 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Annika, 24 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Annika's site
Annika studies in our country and we are glad she found the way to us. It is a lot of fun to shot with her and also her images speak for themselves!

Angel Lucy
Art.No. img00094, online since: 27.09.11

Dressed totally in white Lucy stands there, the color of innocence, and with her angel wings. A set for romantic touched persons with a magical angel and wonderful feet.

59 Images, 10 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lucy, 20 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Lucy's site
Lucy is a real impressing personality. You can see her in many different moods such as totally happy until deeply thoughtful. Really amazing. She plays saxophone, loves to photograph by herself and has a lot of fun with modelling for us.

Dior in Socks
Art.No. img00093, online since: 23.09.11

With her debut set Dior keeps the tension for a while - first she has to take off her shoes and socks before you can adore her marvelous pure feet...

76 Images, 23 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Dior, 18 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Dior's site
Dior found our site and liked it right away. She thought this would be a nice addition and nice change to her hobbies. She loves doing private fun-shootings with friends or also acts in her school in the theater and movie actress class.

With Ricky to the river
Art.No. img00092, online since: 20.09.11

Just before the summer is finally over you should enjoy a great day with a nice girl and fantastic feet outdoor. Meet Ricky and have a wonderful summer day.

59 Images, 32 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Ricky, 20 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Ricky's site
Ricky is a real cheerful student who had a lot of fun modelling with us. In her free time she loves to meet her friends and she is also working in an honorary capacity.

Meeting with Inga
Art.No. img00091, online since: 16.09.11

This photoset is also already available pretty similar as videoclip though, but you still will find great snapshots and wonderful positions of this wonderful girl with her marvelous feet.

70 Images, 47 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Inga, 20 Years
Shoesize 8.5
Go to Inga's site
Inga really is a super natural girl. You can meet her when doing shopping as well as in the clubs at night. And always you would think: Wow, what a beautiful woman! We are really happy that she is modelling for us. And she would be also happy if you would like her as much as we do!

Angel in knee high socks
Art.No. img00090, online since: 13.09.11

Angels most sporty set. She jumps the rope in knee high socks, then a little aerobic and a great posing of course. Finally some barefoot as well.

62 Images, 15 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Angel, 20 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Angel's site
Angel just starts to study and has a lot of fun modelling. She would be really happy if you like her productions. She loves being in the nature so the best thing to do in summer is having some fun outdoor.

Alexa in black socks
Art.No. img00089, online since: 06.09.11

She sits on the chair and smokes. Slowly and pleasurably she takes off her canvas shoes, and then by and by the black socks as well. Now you can have a great view to her feet with black painted toes.

47 Images, 20 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Alexa, 20 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Alexa's site
Alexa is a totally crazy girl and has fun doing funny actions of almost any kind. She had a lot of fun during the shooting and made a very open minded impression.

Rebecca barefoot on the Sofa
Art.No. img00088, online since: 02.09.11

She sits, lays and poses on the sofa in great positions. Most of the time she is doing that barefoot after sliding out of her sneakers. So you can enjoy her Chilean feet totally close.

65 Images, 24 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Rebecca, 23 Years
Shoesize 6
Go to Rebecca's site
Rebecca is like her friend Agathe an exchange student from Chile. With her fresh kind she manages the balancing act between friendly nearness and cool distance. In her free time she does a lot of sports and loves dancing.

Unna in knee high socks
Art.No. img00087, online since: 30.08.11

Unna looks lightly punked when she poses in this scottish skirt, black boots and white knee high socks. But one after the other she peels until she's totally barefoot...

57 Images, 16 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Unna, 18 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Unna's site
Unna is a real fancy young girl from Eastern Europe with an eccentrical and distinctive style. She has a lot of fun in front of the camera and wants to became a fashion designer later.

Tanja & Tanny outdoor
Art.No. img00086, online since: 23.08.11

A debut! Our very 1st 2-girls set. And this is really worth to see. If you know these cuties from their single productions yet, you know about their great appearance. But this is even 5 times as great when they perform together. A must-see!

72 Images, 47 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Tanja, 19 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Tanja's site
Tanny, 19 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Tanny's site

Cate in white socks
Art.No. img00085, online since: 16.08.11

A little bit sports, some stretching and then a great footposing with Cate's wonderfull feet first in white socks, later barefoot as well.

63 Images, 23 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Cate, 19 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Cate's site
Cate is a really cheerful and open minded young girl which has a lot of fun doing shootings with us. She has began to study and in her leisure time she likes to meet her friends.

Abby at the river
Art.No. img00084, online since: 12.08.11

A wonderfull summerday spent with Abby and her fantastic feet alone at the river. What can be more awesome?

71 Images, 58 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Abby, 19 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Abby's site
We are very proud about Abby, our first sexy darker skinned model. The half Jamaican girl lives in Germany for a long time already, does a lot of sports and is very talented for modelling as well.

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