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Sammy's Debut
Art.No. img00123, online since: 27.01.12

Samantha's very first set is really a cool debut already! She sits there in Jeans. The brown boots and black socks are removed soon and she does a cool posing barefoot. What a beginning!

64 Images, 25 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Samantha, 18 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Samantha's site
Samantha, Sammy or Sam as her friends may call her, goes to school close to Heidelberg and loved the idea to model for us. And we love her open and friendly kind. In her free time she does a lot of creative things such as painting or writing and she does a lot of sports.

Alexandra in Socks
Art.No. img00122, online since: 24.01.12

First she wears grey canvas shoes, which she takes off soon though. The great moment when you can adore her bare feet will take a little longer cause first she teases you with cute poses in nice white socks.

64 Images, 23 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Alexandra, 18 Years
Shoesize 8
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Alexandra really has a totally beautiful, photogenic face, and the matching figure. Even though she modelled for the very first time with us, we really hope she will continue in this business. She certainly does have what it needs for it!

Haily in Nylons
Art.No. img00121, online since: 17.01.12

This time Haily shows up in nylons and exciting poses. But it seems she wants to get free from those pantyhoses so she just tears them appart in a sexy way.

76 Images, 24 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Haily, 18 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Haily's site
Haily is a strong, self confident young woman which her pictures express as well. She knows what she wants and when you watch her great images and wonderful feet, you will know it, too :-)

Outdoor with Lisa
Art.No. img00120, online since: 13.01.12

Once again you meet with Lisa outdoor, cause it was so cool last time. She shows her marvelous bare feet on a park bench, from the car and from an electricity booth.

67 Images, 43 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lisa, 18 Years
Shoesize 6.5
Go to Lisa's site
Lisa studies pretty close to us and is very interested in art. She has fun modelling but she does it mainly in her free time and just 4 fun so far.

Alicia's Crossover
Art.No. img00119, online since: 10.01.12

Alicia dares a well done experiment by combining different styles. Black stockings and over them white knee high socks. And to finish this up: Bright red shoes. Unusual, but exciting.

68 Images, 15 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Alicia, 22 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Alicia's site
Alicia is a real powerwoman. She loves to play different roles for photography. When she's not to busy with studying she has fun doing photoshoots, goes out dancing, does some sports and meets with her friends.

Trixi in Red (+3D)
Art.No. img00118, online since: 06.01.12

Trixi waits for you in a red dress and barefoot in Adidas sneakers. She takes off her shoes a little later and shows her great feet. 83 regulary images + 13 in 3D

83+13 Images, 44 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Trixi, 20 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Trixi's site
Trixi loves to model in her free time. So she's one of the rare girls which did not stand in front of the camera for the first time, like most of our other girls did. In her free time she likes to go out dancing and go to the movies with her friends.

Angel Julia in Socks
Art.No. img00117, online since: 03.01.12

A wonderful dreamlike set. As a romantic angel Julia waits for you. Long time in socks, but finally the discovers the secret of her marvelous feet...

54 Images, 8 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Julia, 22 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Julia's site
Julia works as an Au Pair Girl in Germany at a very friendly guest family. She comes from Ukraine and would like to stay in Germany to start studying. She has a lot of fun working with her guest family's kids.

Jennifer at the Barbeque Hut
Art.No. img00116, online since: 30.12.11

A nice autumn day. You meet with Jennifer at an old barbeque hut where she takes off her boots and socks to show you her wonderful large feet.

68 Images, 45 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jennifer, 18 Years
Shoesize 10.5
Go to Jennifer's site
Jennifer is a pretty tall young lady, who will surely make something big out of her life as well. She is very involved in playing theatre and loves all that has to do with acting.

Outdoor with Dior
Art.No. img00115, online since: 27.12.11

A bright spot in this cold winter with this summerly set in which Dior stands there with stylish, high black leather boots (similar to combat boots). She takes them off, shows her socked feet and then her delicious bare feet as well.

70 Images, 52 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Dior, 18 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Dior's site
Dior found our site and liked it right away. She thought this would be a nice addition and nice change to her hobbies. She loves doing private fun-shootings with friends or also acts in her school in the theater and movie actress class.

Chiara Posing
Art.No. img00114, online since: 20.12.11

Unbelievable. It took more than 7 months now until her next set appeared. But waiting was worth while. Soon she gets out of her high heels and shows her beautiful feet in fascinating poses.

57 Images, 15 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Chiara, 18 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Chiara's site
A totally breathtaking charisma is what you will experience instantly when watching Chiara's images. She poses so convicting in body and sight that the expression of her productions doubles right away. She is a trainee and in her spare time she rides motorbike and practices some martial arts.

Malia in turquoise socks (+3D)
Art.No. img00113, online since: 16.12.11

In her debut set Malia wears high, purple Adidas sneakers. In those she hides her feet still sticking in turquoise socks. But in the middle of the set she starts to show her wonderful feet. 83 regulary images + 9 in 3D

83+9 Images, 54 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Malia, 18 Years
Shoesize 8.5
Go to Malia's site
Like a twister she enters a room. Malia is really an open minded, happy vivid person with a lot of fun doing photographing and modelling.

Rebecca in Socks
Art.No. img00112, online since: 13.12.11

In this set Rebecca presents her feet in Nike sneakers and white socks first. She really lets you wait a long time before she shows her great bare feet to you.

67 Images, 29 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Rebecca, 23 Years
Shoesize 6
Go to Rebecca's site
Rebecca is like her friend Agathe an exchange student from Chile. With her fresh kind she manages the balancing act between friendly nearness and cool distance. In her free time she does a lot of sports and loves dancing.

Hippie Lara
Art.No. img00111, online since: 09.12.11

Is it the bandana? Or the colorful balloons? Just a few accesoires and Lara looks like a flower power cutie posing through a colored sea of balloons. Always with her feet focused of course.

66 Images, 11 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lara, 19 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Lara's site
Lara studies pretty close to here and she loves motorcycles and other fast things. Even if she did model before once or twice, to show her feet into the camera was a pretty new and exciting thing for her!

Abby in Knee High Socks
Art.No. img00110, online since: 06.12.11

Almost 4 months passed by before her 2nd series appears. But waiting was worth it. Enjoy Abby the sporty way, in summerly canvas shoes, knee high socks and of course barefoot.

70 Images, 25 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Abby, 19 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Abby's site
We are very proud about Abby, our first sexy darker skinned model. The half Jamaican girl lives in Germany for a long time already, does a lot of sports and is very talented for modelling as well.

Madhuri's Belly-Dance
Art.No. img00109, online since: 29.11.11

With an impressing and oriental belly dance outfit Madhuri will take your breath. Great moves and of course a special focus on her fairy feet will amaze you.

66 Images, 20 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Madhuri, 18 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Madhuri's site
Madhuri was - like all the other Fairy Girls - in front of a camera for the very first time. This is hard to believe when watching those looks and poses. We would be surprised if she wouldn'r go ahead in the model scene. And we are happy that she had her debut here with us!

Sina in Canvas Sneakers (+3D)
Art.No. img00108, online since: 25.11.11

Sina sits on the sofa, barefoot in cyan canvas sneakers. She takes off her shoes with nice poses and presents her marvelous feet. 78 regulary images + 14 in 3D

78+14 Images, 45 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Sina, 18 Years
Shoesize 8.5
Go to Sina's site
Sina convinces with her great charisma and a real talent for modelling. And she really can not hide that she loves to dance and does a lot of sports in her free time as well. A real great girl.

Saskia in socks
Art.No. img00107, online since: 22.11.11

At the beginning of this set Saskia wears brown suede sneakers. These are taken off in a minute and a wonderful posing in white socks follows, and finally in barefoot as well.

69 Images, 24 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Saskia, 22 Years
Shoesize 6.5
Go to Saskia's site
Saskia is a nurse in a local hospital and has a very big heart. She is pretty open minded and adventurous. In her free time she loves to be in the nature with her dog.

Twilight Anja
Art.No. img00106, online since: 18.11.11

Even in a princess garden somewhen the sun will go down. But before this happens, promenade together with her through a wonderful scenery with beautiful feet.

58 Images, 31 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Anja, 18 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Anja's site
Anja poses here in front of a camera for her very first time. She dreams to become a model one day and when watching her photos, you will see that there is not a single thing speaking against that idea! She does a lot of sports and most of the time she will infect you by her great mood and with her cute smile!

Maria and the Balloons
Art.No. img00105, online since: 15.11.11

Maria poses in sneakers, socks and barefoot in this colorful sea of balloons. If the one or the other might even pop? At least when she jumps on them...

62 Images, 10 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Maria, 19 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Maria's site
Maria is a job trainee right now, loves sports and to model, especially just4fun and with friends so far. She took part at some model contestes though where she even reached one of the top rankings! When watching her images you will know why!

Alina in Socks
Art.No. img00104, online since: 08.11.11

This time less sporty but more cozily, Alina chills in this chair, laying her feet up. She takes off her grey Chucks pretty soon to show her white socked feet for a while before she shows them barefoot as well.

59 Images, 21 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Alina, 22 Years
Shoesize 6.5
Go to Alina's site
Alina is a very cheerful and likeable, ambitious nurse. When time alows it, the native Russian girl meets with friends or rides her bicycle.

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