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Rebecca's Feet
Art.No. clp00048, online since: 31.08.12

Rebecca sits at the table, then on the table. First she wears Ballerinas, then she's barefoot. But she has always again such a cute smile which will even raise the enthusiasm for her beautiful feet.

7:46 minutes, 80 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Rebecca, 23 Years
Shoesize 6
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Rebecca is like her friend Agathe an exchange student from Chile. With her fresh kind she manages the balancing act between friendly nearness and cool distance. In her free time she does a lot of sports and loves dancing.

Naemi in Socks
Art.No. img00166, online since: 28.08.12

This outfit might remind a little bit to a French maid in a hotel. But even if: With her views and also her gift for exciting poses she gives every image a je ne sais quoi.

65 Images, 49 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Naemi, 19 Years
Shoesize 7
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We are really happy, that we had the luck to catch Naemi here in Heidelberg. The adventurous globetrotter loves to travel and her open kind enables her to meet new people all the time. And she loves to try out new things, like here. And we are happy about this.

Anna-Maria's Debut
Art.No. img00165, online since: 24.08.12

Just turned 18 and already Anna-Maria skips in front of our camera. This is good, cause she is really a great and beautiful girl. Shoes and socks are taken off soon and she allows some great views so her nice feet with red polish.

65 Images, 46 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Anna-Maria, 18 Years
Shoesize 7,5
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Just 1 day after her 18th birthday Anna-Maria came to us. What a luck! Cause the young Hip Hop fan is not just very photogenic, it is also a lot of fun to shoot with her!

Maren & Malia
Art.No. img00164, online since: 21.08.12

A series makes even more fun when two best friends pose together and have fun. And if they even shine and smile like in this set it is even much more infectious. A dream! 69 regular images + 8 in 3D

69+8 Images, 40 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Maren, 18 Years
Shoesize 8
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Malia, 18 Years
Shoesize 8.5
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Agathe outdoor
Art.No. clp00047, online since: 17.08.12

She enjoys nature at a river, takes off her summer shoes and chills her feet a little bit in the water. Then she shows her sandy soles and lays down on a meadow to take a sunbath.

7:01 minutes, 106 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Agathe, 22 Years
Shoesize 8
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Agathe studies two semesters in Germany but comes from Chile. Yes, in deed a redhead girl can come from Chile, due to her ancestors. She is a very happy girl and is glad to model for us.

Lisa in rose Socks
Art.No. img00163, online since: 14.08.12

It is most fun, after a long time, when all people think this would be it of a certain girl, to surprise with a great extra goody. So happened here. Words can not express this girl's effect to the viewer in this series. Convice yourself!

66 Images, 17 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lisa, 18 Years
Shoesize 6.5
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Lisa studies pretty close to us and is very interested in art. She has fun modelling but she does it mainly in her free time and just 4 fun so far.

Samantha barefoot
Art.No. clp00046, online since: 10.08.12

It's really fun to adore Samantha modelling. But with this clip she seems to have good chances for Mrs. Jiggling-Toes 2012. Very nice perspectives, great looks and a beautiful charism.

7:39 minutes, 71 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Samantha, 18 Years
Shoesize 9
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Samantha, Sammy or Sam as her friends may call her, goes to school close to Heidelberg and loved the idea to model for us. And we love her open and friendly kind. In her free time she does a lot of creative things such as painting or writing and she does a lot of sports.

Jana in Flip Flops
Art.No. img00162, online since: 07.08.12

Jana is really with a lot of fun with us. And we hope we will see much more of her in future. Enjoy her in a very summerly outfit and in Flip Flops. The anklet is not missing and makes her feet even more delicious.

63 Images, 60 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jana, 26 Years
Shoesize 10.5
Go to Jana's site
Jana studies here at the Heidelberg Unsiversity. And this is really good, cause otherwise we think she wouldn't have found the way to us. She likes travelling and since now: modelling as well. At least for us.

Michelle at the river
Art.No. img00161, online since: 03.08.12

First Michelle sits at the waterside in black/white Dockers sneakers and checked knee high socks. Her shoes are taken off soon, the socks as well and Michelle presents her beautiful feet. She also steps into the water and climbs up a tree.

76 Images, 97 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Michelle, 21 Years
Shoesize 11.5
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Actually Michelle comes straigfht from the northern end of Germany. But for her studies she moved here to southern Germany. A great decission. Who knows if we would have ever met this magical girl with dreamlike feet!? Besides the new discovered talent for modelling Michelle is a great dancer as well.

Fatma in 3D
Art.No. img00160, online since: 31.07.12

Fatma wears pink Ballerinas and poses in a wonderful way. She takes off her shoes and goes on posing barefoot. At the end she shows up in Canvas Sneakers (and without) which is to see as 3D images as well. 78 regular images + 22 in 3D

78+22 Images, 100 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Fatma, 21 Years
Shoesize 6
Go to Fatma's site
With Fatma we are proud to welcome a bautiful Turkish model. She works in a travel agency, loves to travel by herself as well and found the idea to model for us very exciting. And so we are happy to welcome her in our team!

Lina's Feet
Art.No. clp00045, online since: 27.07.12

Lina sits at the table with Ballerinas. Soon she takes them off and shows her beautiful feet.

6:29 minutes, 104 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lina, 18 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Lina's site
Lina poses - like all the other models, too - for the very first time as footmodel. And this she really does well. She still goes to school and in her free time she loves to dance.

Madhuri in Pantyhose
Art.No. img00159, online since: 24.07.12

An optical and in terms of colour very beautiful series with Madhuri in a pink dress and pantyhose among colourful balloons. Shoes off, a little later the pantyhose as well and you have a free view to her dreamlike feet.

69 Images, 16 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Madhuri, 19 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Madhuri's site
Madhuri was - like all the other Fairy Girls - in front of a camera for the very first time. This is hard to believe when watching those looks and poses. We would be surprised if she wouldn'r go ahead in the model scene. And we are happy that she had her debut here with us!

Trixi in Sneakers
Art.No. clp00044, online since: 20.07.12

Trixi feels comfortable on the couch. Her feet are still hidden by sneakers and white socks but soon she grants great views to her nice feet with rose nail polish.

7:58 minutes, 91 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Trixi, 21 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Trixi's site
Trixi loves to model in her free time. So she's one of the rare girls which did not stand in front of the camera for the first time, like most of our other girls did. In her free time she likes to go out dancing and go to the movies with her friends.

Picnic with Haily
Art.No. img00158, online since: 17.07.12

Imagine a nice summer day on which you meet Haily for a picnic. She waits already almost barefoot at the barbecue hut. This weather, these feet, what a summer!

53 Images, 35 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Haily, 18 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Haily's site
Haily is a strong, self confident young woman which her pictures express as well. She knows what she wants and when you watch her great images and wonderful feet, you will know it, too :-)

Caro barefoot
Art.No. img00157, online since: 13.07.12

In her premier series Caro shows up in open shoes. The red painted toes blink already out of the shoe tip and make wonder, how the rest of her feet might look like. And soon she disclosed the secret...

65 Images, 42 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Caro, 21 Years
Shoesize 10
Go to Caro's site
Caro took a long way to move to Heidelberg to study here, which is a pleasure for us of course. In her free time she likes to travel, to see a lot of the world and she loves art, especially theatre.

Jules in pantyhose
Art.No. img00156, online since: 10.07.12

Thick black pantyhose hide the look to Jule's feet. She keeps the excitement until the middle of the set, before she shows up her wonderful feet uncovered.

69 Images, 47 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jules, 18 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Jules' site
The totally likable high-school graduate has a little bit model experience already. But not as a foot model though. As for all the other Fairy Girls it was her debut as well. In her free time she does a lot of sport in many different directions.

Dior at the table
Art.No. clp00043, online since: 06.07.12

Green socks appear after the sneakers are taken off. An interesting colour. But after less than 3 minutes these socks are gone as well so you can enjoy her bare feet as close as possible.

7:50 minutes, 86 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Dior, 18 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Dior's site
Dior found our site and liked it right away. She thought this would be a nice addition and nice change to her hobbies. She loves doing private fun-shootings with friends or also acts in her school in the theater and movie actress class.

Elegant Abby
Art.No. img00155, online since: 03.07.12

Long legs, great shoes which express her fascinating feet even more, and a beautiful view are characteristic for Abby's productions. And this set totally shows it all.

57 Images, 24 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Abby, 19 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Abby's site
We are very proud about Abby, our first sexy darker skinned model. The half Jamaican girl lives in Germany for a long time already, does a lot of sports and is very talented for modelling as well.

Annika in Sneakers
Art.No. clp00042, online since: 29.06.12

Annika wears a nice blue checked top, a jeans skirt, Nike Air and thick white socks. Then she takes off the shoes and a little later her socks as well to show her breathtaking feet.

8:27 minutes, 64 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Annika, 24 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Annika's site
Annika studies in our country and we are glad she found the way to us. It is a lot of fun to shot with her and also her images speak for themselves!

Annushka in Boots
Art.No. img00154, online since: 26.06.12

At the start she wears boots. In those her feet stick still covered by white socks. But soon Annushka offers great views to beautiful bare feet!

63 Images, 44 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Annushka, 22 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Annushka's site
The young russian girl studies here in Heidelberg/Germany and she loves this town. She is a very open minded person with a lot of different interest, so for example music in (almost) all variations. We are happy that she also found the way to us!

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