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Smoking feet
Art.No. clp00181, online since: 07.06.16

Well, a pretty lurid headline, I must admit. Cause actually it is not her feet that smoke, but their "owner", cute Tanja. And even that smoking is less to recommend of course, it looks pretty sexy when Tanja is doing it and it emphasizes Tanja's expression and her dreamfeet even more.

9:04 minutes, 234 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Tanja, 24 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Tanja's site
Tanja is a trainee for a shop assistance. She is very proud to be one of the first models for Fairy-Feet.com! In her free time she likes going out and dance or to meet with friends.

Steffi in sneakers
Art.No. img00410, online since: 03.06.16

She expresses a lot of positive energy which is even multiplied with this summerly dress. Steffi takes off the sneakers and poses a little bit in cute white socks and finally with her bare feet.

71 Images, 81 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Steffi, 29 Years
Shoesize 5
Go to Steffi's site
Steffi loves to be photographed and she liked the idea to make exactly this with her feet. She feels comfortable in front of a camera and making nice pictures is pretty good to combine with her 2nd big passion: Travelling!

Vicky on the home trainer
Art.No. clp00180, online since: 31.05.16

Right her first series was a real sporty one. And what looked great there already is totally amazing now in motion pictures as well. See a great clip of a beautiful young girl with marvelous feet.

8:35 minutes, 222 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Vicky, 26 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Vicky's site
I met Vicky in a sidewalk café and we talked very interesting. Soon I recognized that she loves riding very much and especially her own horse of course. And now you can see that she also can convince as an adorable foot model.

Cheyenne takes off her boots
Art.No. img00409, online since: 27.05.16

She really kept the tension until the 2nd series with Cheyenne. But what took long will be twice as great finally. So here as well, when Cheyenne takes off her boots and a little later the grey socks as well to show her awesome cute feet.

67 Images, 70 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Cheyenne, 18 Years
Shoesize 8.5
Go to Cheyenne's site
Cheyenne is really the perfect New Years girl! A great start into the new year 2016. She has an amazing charisma. No wonder she is a very open minded girl which loves to make party and doing a lot with friends. Standing in front of the camera for the very 1st time (in socks and barefoot) was also a pleasure for her in the 1st second. And so it will be for you, too!

Amelie's Jogging Feet
Art.No. clp00179, online since: 24.05.16

The purpose of this site is to show the loveliness of female feet in the most different life situations. And Amelie shows it once again: Even tired, exhausted, well trained and sweated feet still express their dreamlike charm. especially with such captivating looks.

8:41 minutes, 224 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Amelie, 20 Years
Shoesize 11
Go to Amelie's site
The young student likes the whole feet topic very much for a long time already. So it was just a matter of time when she will amaze us with her great foot images and clips. She likes photographing by herself as well and she does it really good. Maybe one day for this site as well!?

Sporty Jenn!
Art.No. img00408, online since: 20.05.16

While she spent the whole last (her first) shooting almost lazy on the couch, she now shows her sporty side in her 2nd series. With this nice gymnastic apparatus she shows her feet in a different but none the less exciting, sporty way.

68 Images, 66 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jenn, 32 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Jenn's site
I mailed Jenn directly in the internet if she wouldn't be a model for this site. And what can I say? Jenn was totally enthusiasted about this idea. Because she not just loves her own feet, she is also totally into foot massages and more. So, this is the perfect place for you, Jenn :-)

Ashley at the car
Art.No. clp00178, online since: 17.05.16

Finally another of the liked car clips. But they are really always a pleasure. Especially with such a wonderful girl with those delightful feet.

9:54 minutes, 255 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Ashley, 26 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Ashley's site
Ashley is the "little" sister of our model Fiona. Ashley, though, loves the nature much more than her sister does. In her free time she loves to play tennis.

Janine chills out
Art.No. img00407, online since: 13.05.16

Janine trains a little bit, but not too much right at the beginning. So it is better to relax and show the cute feet.

65 Images, 68 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Janine, 18 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Janine's site
Janine is a friend of our model Cheyenne. It is always a great thing when a model can win a friend for our nice little project. Janine is learning animalier, so she loves to work with animals. In her free time she spends a lot of time with her friends.

Sporty feet
Art.No. clp00177, online since: 10.05.16

As if Georgina would need it... though she has such a great body, sports is never wrong of course and so she works hard on the home trainer before she relaxes with her feet released for you.

9:47 minutes, 253 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Georgina, 19 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Georgina's site
Georgina is a little sunshine, is pretty insolent and glibly and knows how to treat and also insolent photographer. She loves collecting shoes, dancing hip hop and hopefully discovered foot modelling for herself as well now. We would be very pleased!

Aileen takes off her socks
Art.No. img00406, online since: 06.05.16

Aileen comes home from the gym. First she drinks something, lays up her feet and then takes off her shoes and slowly her socks as well to relax her feet - they really deserved a break after such a hard workout.

68 Images, 57 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Aileen, 23 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Aileen's site
Aileen is a very freaked out and adventurous young lady. So it is no wonder she was totally excited about the idea to be a foot model. And she really does a good (first) job, ain't she? In her free time she likes shopping, making party or loves reading a real good book.

Larissa goes to sleep
Art.No. clp00176, online since: 03.05.16

It was a hard day. Now Larissa wants only one more thing: Fall into her bed! And in deed - she instantly falls asleep. This is the perfect opportunity to check out the tenderness of her young, sleeping feet.

8:39 minutes, 224 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Larissa, 18 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Larissa's site
The mega likeable half Indian girl makes an education in the media area. And that's exactly where she fits in. Behind as well as in front of the camera she guarantees totally best results.

Anne makes a break
Art.No. clp00175, online since: 26.04.16

There comes a time when it is really enough with studying and it is well earned to put up the feet and relax. So Anne does in this clip. So she shows, that feet don't really act in an awesome way to still have an awesome effect, though! And especially when they are Anne's feet.

8:23 minutes, 216 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Anne, 18 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Anne's site
Anne is a good friend of the models Larissa and Amelie which actually brought Anne to us. The young trainee is very interested into travelling, loves to make party and does a lot with her friends.

Suleika is doing ballet
Art.No. img00404, online since: 22.04.16

Suleika has shown in many series and clips already what an active and sporty girl she is. Here you can watch her doing one of her most favorized activity: Ballet. See this cute girl and her fantastic feet in ballet shoes and barefoot as well.

77 Images, 73 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Suleika, 22 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Suleika's site
A real impressing temper goes out from this young girl which is totally into sports and especially into ballet. In her free times she does a lot of things with her friends and when ever possible outdoor.

Vanessa watches TV
Art.No. clp00174, online since: 19.04.16

If there is something interesting on the TV? Anyway - much more interesting are Vanessa's feet for sure. And these you can adore in Nikes, white socks and barefoot.

7:22 minutes, 190 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Vanessa, 27 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Vanessa's site
Vanessa is a very open minded young lady. I would be surprised if Vanessa won't surprise us with something. In her free time she loves doing exciting things, experiences new stuff and you can talk with her about everything.

Hippie Girly
Art.No. img00403, online since: 15.04.16

A lot of flower power is what you can expect in this series. If it is really a loss that you can not hear her playing the guitar - I can't say. But I do can say, that her awesome feet are a totally win. Nice poses, heart melting hippie views.

64 Images, 71 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Angel, 26 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Angel's site
Angel just starts to study and has a lot of fun modelling. She would be really happy if you like her productions. She loves being in the nature so the best thing to do in summer is having some fun outdoor.

Larissa at the car
Art.No. clp00173, online since: 12.04.16

It's already almost dawn when you meet Larissa at the car. But it is still absolutely light enough to tell how beautiful Larissa's tender feet really are, once they slipped out of the tiger (or zebra?) socks.

8:49 minutes, 227 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Larissa, 18 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Larissa's site
The mega likeable half Indian girl makes an education in the media area. And that's exactly where she fits in. Behind as well as in front of the camera she guarantees totally best results.

Malika in the office
Art.No. img00402, online since: 08.04.16

We did show feet very often in free time actions. But now we show that feet in the office also have a great expression. Malika starts her working day in the office and decides to release her feet first to feel much more free during work.

68 Images, 68 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Malika, 22 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Malika's site
The young Eastern European started studying not long ago here in Heidelberg/Germany where she likes it pretty much. In her free time she dances a lot, loves to do some team sports and meets friends frequently.

Sammie in ballerinas
Art.No. clp00172, online since: 05.04.16

Enough fresh air! Sammie goes back indoor and lays her feet up. Why can't girls just take off their shoes quick and easy? Why must some girls do that in such a provocant way? Well, Sammie shows why: It just looks damned exciting!

9:23 minutes, 241 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Sammie, 18 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Sammie's site
For Sammie it was the very first time in front of a (public) camera. Actually, just like for all the other Fairy Girls, too. Also her feet celebrate a debut here with us and you can tell by watching the images of the young, hip hop enthusiastic schoolgirl that she had a lot of fun, foot modelling for you.

With Jenn on the sofa
Art.No. img00401, online since: 01.04.16

It happens a lot that girls don't wanna do a shooting, cause they hate their own feet. But it is different with Jenn, fortunately. She has a perfect relationship to her feet: You can tell that she loves to show them and in private life, she really loves extended foot massages and more...

74 Images, 85 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jenn, 32 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Jenn's site
I mailed Jenn directly in the internet if she wouldn't be a model for this site. And what can I say? Jenn was totally enthusiasted about this idea. Because she not just loves her own feet, she is also totally into foot massages and more. So, this is the perfect place for you, Jenn :-)

Rainy's workout
Art.No. clp00171, online since: 29.03.16

A top body shape can only be hold when making sport regulary. So Rainy gets on the home trainer and tries out, if cycling is best in sneakers, socks or barefoot. After that she really earned to relax a little bit with her feet laying up.

8:21 minutes, 215 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Rainy, 22 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Rainy's site
Her Japanese roots are pretty obvious. And maybe these are the reason for Rainy's breathtaking sight. As she recognizes, she doesn't not just love modelling, she also likes to travel and in her free time she is always active with her friends. Her job is medical assistance.

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