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Steffi's pedicure
Art.No. clp00201, online since: 29.11.16

Steffi comes home, telephones a few minutes (original sound) and washes and creams her feet. Very tempting...

9:22 minutes, 242 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Steffi, 29 Years
Shoesize 5
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Steffi loves to be photographed and she liked the idea to make exactly this with her feet. She feels comfortable in front of a camera and making nice pictures is pretty good to combine with her 2nd big passion: Travelling!

Fairy-Feet.com socks!
Art.No. img00431, online since: 25.11.16

The wonderful thing happened again: A model from a few years ago comes back! And this is really great with Jana, cause she didn't lose anything of her charism. Not at all! And wearing the original Fairy-Feet.com socks, knitted by her grandma, are the delicious high point in this series!

68 Images, 71 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jana, 30 Years
Shoesize 10.5
Go to Jana's site
Jana studies here at the Heidelberg Unsiversity. And this is really good, cause otherwise we think she wouldn't have found the way to us. She likes travelling and since now: modelling as well. At least for us.

Lexy's workout
Art.No. clp00200, online since: 22.11.16

To do sports in sneakers is not a big thing. It is much harder to do so in high heels. And Lexy does so! This looks pretty sexy, in barefoot as well of course. And when she creams her feet at the end you might melt away.

8:17 minutes, 213 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Lexy, 26 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Lexy's site
It's easy to tell, that Lexy obviously likes tattoos. And she really can wear them. But it also looks like as if she loves making foot shootings from now on as well. The fond of travelling dental assistant had directly a lot of fun and we hope we will see a lot more with her.

Angel in black Chucks
Art.No. img00430, online since: 18.11.16

Once again Angel grants wonderful impressions to her dreamlike feet. And who knows, maybe she wants to do even more shootings!? Here Angel shows how good she looks in black chucks and she wears black socks for the first time.

69 Images, 70 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Angel, 26 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Angel's site
Angel just starts to study and has a lot of fun modelling. She would be really happy if you like her productions. She loves being in the nature so the best thing to do in summer is having some fun outdoor.

Sibling couching
Art.No. clp00199, online since: 15.11.16

The both sisters come home from an exhausting shopping tour. Now they really deserved to relax lazily on the couch!

8:41 minutes, 224 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Anny, 22 Years
Shoesize 7.5
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Claudia, 20 Years
Shoesize 6.5
Go to Claudia's site

Sporty Tanja
Art.No. img00429, online since: 11.11.16

Perfectly prepared in Nike sneakers Tanja tortures herself on the this sport machine. But at a certain point it is enough and she relaxes with laying up her feet, taking off her sneakers and a little later her cute socks as well.

66 Images, 66 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Tanja, 24 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Tanja's site
Tanja is a trainee for a shop assistance. She is very proud to be one of the first models for Fairy-Feet.com! In her free time she likes going out and dance or to meet with friends.

Cheyenne in white socks
Art.No. clp00198, online since: 08.11.16

She makes it extremely thrilling until she grants a view to her awesome feet. First they need to slip out of these Nike sneakers. Then they pose for a while in cute white socks before they peel into freedom - what a sight!

9:08 minutes, 235 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Cheyenne, 18 Years
Shoesize 8.5
Go to Cheyenne's site
Cheyenne is really the perfect New Years girl! A great start into the new year 2016. She has an amazing charisma. No wonder she is a very open minded girl which loves to make party and doing a lot with friends. Standing in front of the camera for the very 1st time (in socks and barefoot) was also a pleasure for her in the 1st second. And so it will be for you, too!

Rose picture socks
Art.No. img00428, online since: 04.11.16

It is always extra joyful if a girl comes to the shooting, wearing her own foot jewelry. It is very rarely, though. Well, Camy has a lot of it which shows she is totally aware of the beautiness and impression of her feet. It is a wonderful series with a super good looking young student girl.

65 Images, 73 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Camy, 22 Years
Shoesize 6
Go to Camy's site
Camy is an exchange student from Guatemala. Right in her first series you can recognize the exotic fire which she carries inside. It's not a wonder then, that she loves travelling, loves to try out new cooking recipes and as latest hobby she also loves to foot model for us, for you.

Annoying leaflet
Art.No. clp00197, online since: 01.11.16

Ashley comes home and is totally mad about all these flyers in the mailbox. So she tears them appart with her feet and writes an angry letter to the sender - with her feet. This clip comes with original sound.

7:11 minutes, 186 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Ashley, 27 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Ashley's site
Ashley is the "little" sister of our model Fiona. Ashley, though, loves the nature much more than her sister does. In her free time she loves to play tennis.

Larissa's new home
Art.No. img00427, online since: 28.10.16

Moving is always a big and exhausting thing. So it is just right to lay feet up and make a little break. Larissa invites you into her new appartment. Due to technical reasons the last 26 images were made with the integrated flashlight, you can see the difference. But this even strengthens the privat and personal situation.

67 Images, 71 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Larissa, 19 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Larissa's site
The mega likeable half Indian girl makes an education in the media area. And that's exactly where she fits in. Behind as well as in front of the camera she guarantees totally best results.

On Vanessa's balcony
Art.No. clp00196, online since: 25.10.16

Visit Vanessa at home where she is about to relax with a cigarette, enjoying the summer sun. It is actually still much too hot, so she gets rid of her sneakers, to release her delicious bare summer feet. Maybe even her neighbours like it?

8:35 minutes, 221 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Vanessa, 28 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Vanessa's site
Vanessa is a very open minded young lady. I would be surprised if Vanessa won't surprise us with something. In her free time she loves doing exciting things, experiences new stuff and you can talk with her about everything.

Kiki takes off the nylons
Art.No. img00426, online since: 21.10.16

Black stockings and black ballerinas is what Kiki wears at the begin of this series. And at the end she shows of course her wonderful feet with tattoos.

72 Images, 72 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Kiki, 26 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Kiki's site
Kiki is really a totally adventurous girl. She worked for a short time in a supermarket bakery, where we directly asked her for this foot modelling issue. And since Kiki is not only excited when it is about new piercings and tattoos, she quickly agreed when it is about foot modelling for the very 1st time.

Nylon socks in the car
Art.No. clp00195, online since: 18.10.16

Steffi waits for you at her car. It is cold outside and so she wears boots. But inside just very thin nylon socks so she takes them off, too, soon and hopes you will rub them a little warm for her :-)

7:56 minutes, 205 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Steffi, 29 Years
Shoesize 5
Go to Steffi's site
Steffi loves to be photographed and she liked the idea to make exactly this with her feet. She feels comfortable in front of a camera and making nice pictures is pretty good to combine with her 2nd big passion: Travelling!

Amelie in Chucks
Art.No. clp00194, online since: 11.10.16

Chucks are not just a kind of sneakers, they are an expression of lifestyle. Only special people can and like to wear them. Amelie can and likes. Also her feet - first in Chucks, then in black socks, then barefoot - look very special, very nice.

8:14 minutes, 212 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Amelie, 20 Years
Shoesize 11
Go to Amelie's site
The young student likes the whole feet topic very much for a long time already. So it was just a matter of time when she will amaze us with her great foot images and clips. She likes photographing by herself as well and she does it really good. Maybe one day for this site as well!?

Georgina practises yoga
Art.No. img00424, online since: 07.10.16

Early in the morning Georgina enters the kitchen and starts right away with her practise. Very brave. But it also shows, how adorable feet - and especially Georgina's feet - can look when relaxing with yoga.

67 Images, 75 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Georgina, 20 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Georgina's site
Georgina is a little sunshine, is pretty insolent and glibly and knows how to treat and also insolent photographer. She loves collecting shoes, dancing hip hop and hopefully discovered foot modelling for herself as well now. We would be very pleased!

Aileen is reading
Art.No. clp00193, online since: 04.10.16

Aileen is reading a magazine. She presents her nice feet in black Hello Kitty socks first, then barefoot.

7:36 minutes, 196 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Aileen, 23 Years
Shoesize 8
Go to Aileen's site
Aileen is a very freaked out and adventurous young lady. So it is no wonder she was totally excited about the idea to be a foot model. And she really does a good (first) job, ain't she? In her free time she likes shopping, making party or loves reading a real good book.

Vicky in sock liners
Art.No. img00423, online since: 30.09.16

Vicky makes herself comfortable on the sofa. Her shoes disturb a little so she gets rid of them and a little later of her pile sock liners as well. Now she can put up her beautiful feet on the table.

67 Images, 56 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Vicky, 26 Years
Shoesize 7
Go to Vicky's site
I met Vicky in a sidewalk café and we talked very interesting. Soon I recognized that she loves riding very much and especially her own horse of course. And now you can see that she also can convince as an adorable foot model.

Sisterly care
Art.No. clp00192, online since: 27.09.16

As if Ashley would feel sorry for her sister who just had a hard workout on the home trainer, she takes a little care of her feet. But then they two are having fun with showing her cute sibling feet to you.

8:15 minutes, 213 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Ashley, 26 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Ashley's site
Fiona, 27 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Fiona's site

Summer finale
Art.No. img00422, online since: 23.09.16

How symbolic: Now she was just sitting in Flip Flops at the summerly balcony but then she moves indoor and takes off these summer shoes: A sign of the ending summer. But when the end happens in that beautiful way, it actually doesn't hurt anyway.

76 Images, 84 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Suleika, 22 Years
Shoesize 7.5
Go to Suleika's site
A real impressing temper goes out from this young girl which is totally into sports and especially into ballet. In her free times she does a lot of things with her friends and when ever possible outdoor.

Jenn barefoot at home
Art.No. clp00191, online since: 20.09.16

This time Jenn shows barefoot right with the 1st second already. But it is hard to get enough of these fantastic feet!

8:08 minutes, 210 MByte
2.50 €  Download

Jenn, 32 Years
Shoesize 9
Go to Jenn's site
I mailed Jenn directly in the internet if she wouldn't be a model for this site. And what can I say? Jenn was totally enthusiasted about this idea. Because she not just loves her own feet, she is also totally into foot massages and more. So, this is the perfect place for you, Jenn :-)

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