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Emma, 19  shoes 8, 1.65 m, joined: Jan. '19
3       1      go to Emma's site
Who expected that? Actually this site finished its updates (cause this site will totally shut down on May 31st 2019) - and then like magic this wonderful very last model comes up the scene. And with 19 y.o. Emma we present a real worthy very last bonus Good Bye model fot the end of the site and the beginning of the year! She will have a total of 4 productions!
Debbie, 30  shoes 7, 1.66 m, joined: Nov. '18
2       1      go to Debbie's site
A lot of fun is what Debbie always brought to the shootings. It have been great "dates" with Debbie and we were lucky that she still found the time to do foot shootings besides all of the other hobbies Debbie has.
Alicia, 29  shoes 7.5, 1.61 m, joined: Oct. '18
3       0      go to Alicia's site
The formerly school girl brought a lot of fun to the set. Foot modelling was really a pleasure to her and so it will be to you when watching her productions. Her hobbies are dancing and music.
Daniela, 31  shoes 7, 1.61 m, joined: Aug. '18
2       2      go to Daniela's site
Daniela had just time for 4 productions. So it was a pretty short show at Feet-per-View.com some years ago. One of the reasons why many steady visitors of FPV might not really remember Daniela. But this is not justified. Beautiful eyes, nice views and delicious feet. Use the last chance to get your own impression of this young housewife. Don't forget: Only the age besides the images counts! No matter how old the girls are today!
Janina, 28  shoes 6.5, 1.61 m, joined: Aug. '18
2       3      go to Janina's site
Janina was a real cute model. Some girls don't look like an adult even when they are 18. But I can promise that Janina was not a minor any more of course. Still the girly style looks pretty good with her. And in her clips the talks really awesome. The formerly trainee was a real win for Feet-per-View.com! Janina, thanks again for taking part. You are a great foot model!
Ivy, 28  shoes 11, 1.72 m, joined: July '18
2       3      go to Ivy's site
With shoe size 11 Ivy is from that kind of girl with rather large feet. Some like big feet very much, some not so much. But when you see these marvelous shaped pair of feet you will agree that Ivy's feet are extra ordinary nice and adorable. Ivy was one of the top girls at Feet-per-View.com when she came up, because of her very natural kind and her obvious fun showing off her feet to you. Now as last chance once again and cheap as nothing only at Fairy-Feet.com
Lara, 30  shoes 7, 1.62 m, joined: July '18
3       2      go to Lara's site
We don't say the (formerly) schoolgirl Lara wouldn't have a great effect by herself. No, but together with her friend Valerie (here 18 years old as well) they have an amazing expression. Check out all their productions and great how they talk to you in their clips (in German).
Janine, 28  shoes 7, 1.70 m, joined: June '18
3       2      go to Janine's site
The shootings with Janine are a little while ago actually, just like all the Best Of FPV productions. Janine's totally natural way made a lot of fun. And especially the fact that these Best Of... productions are made a few years ago will bring the viewer back in time, into a much more exciting and innocent time in the web. Absolutely worth to see!
Lola, 26  shoes 6, 1.64 m, joined: June '18
2       3      go to Lola's site
Lola was studying at the Heidelberg University when we did these productions. And even though that she directly came from her home country Spain she spoke our language almost perfectly already, as you can hear in her clips, when she talks to you. How she will be doing today? I hope fine. At least it was a great time. You can tell so when seeing her productions.
Lisa, 28  shoes 7, 1.63 m, joined: May '18
3       3      go to Lisa's site
The sport enthusiastic Lisa knows how to amaze you with her images. Maybe because she was also enthusiastic into modelling. We also didn't hear from her for a long time as well. Even more fantastic that we see once again the very best productions with this fascinating foot girl.
Juliette, 29  shoes 7.5, 1.63 m, joined: May '18
2       4      go to Juliette's site
The young school girl Juliette once came from Russia. She was laughing a lot when she first heard about men, loving girls' feet. But she really learned fast, how many men really do so. That's why a lot of great production came up with her (and often with her friend Aisha). Just like many FPV models she talks lovely in her clips!
Johanna, 28  shoes 7, 1.64 m, joined: May '18
2       2      go to Johanna's site
Johanna was a real "foot biddy". A real mega natural expression, beautiful sight. Her education as an office clerk might be finished meanwhile and if she still is that hot for making images... I can not tell.
Geena, 32  shoes 5, 1.64 m, joined: Apr. '18
3       2      go to Geena's site
Geena is the next "Best of Feet-per-View.com" model. This means she appeared years ago already at Feet-per-View.com with these productions. The medical assistant performes really really great in front of the camera and she really earnes the title of a "Best-of" model.
Antje, 30  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: Apr. '18
3       5      go to Antje's site
Antje is our first "Best of Feet-per-View.com" Model. This means, she was model on our site Feet-per-View.com years ago. The young Lithuanian was a real highlight for you guys and gave us plenty of productions! As with the most of my models I didn't hear from her for many years meanwhile.
Bella, 41  shoes 6, 1.56 m, joined: Feb. '18
2       3      go to Bella's site
Bella is the last guest model from Guatemala. Fans of mature feet will love this model. She has a lot of fun being a foot model and this you can tell by seeing her images and clips.
Ida, 26  shoes 8, 1.66 m, joined: Jan. '18
3       1      go to Ida's site
Ida loves dancing and is actually a pretty sporty girl. The idea to try out being a footmodel sounded very funny to her and we are happy to have such a charismatic young woman in our model crew!
Brenda, 24  shoes 7, 1.64 m, joined: Nov. '17
2       3      go to Brenda's site
Besides Patricia, Brenda is the 2nd model that was photographed in Guatemala by a Guatemalian footlover and photograph. That's why I can not tell very much about her cause I don't know her personally. I only can say that you will experience real holiday feelings with her.
Patricia, 26  shoes 6, 1.60 m, joined: Sep. '17
2       3      go to Patricia's site
Patricia is our very 1st "guest model". After 7 years with images and clips made by my person, it is interesting to see, how other foot friends work. In this case a young foot friend and photographer from Guatemala made productions with Partricia, also a young hobby foot model from Guatemala.
Maggie, 27  shoes 8, 1.70 m, joined: Aug. '17
3       2      go to Maggie's site
Once again a model where I would say she is born for foot modelling. The poses, the views, as if she was made for it. But maybe she is just good with anything she does, like her other hobbies for example dancing, making music and singing. Here, Maggie is definetely at the right place.
Nelly, 29  shoes 8, 1.75 m, joined: June '17
3       2      go to Nelly's site
After studying the passionated dancer wanted to try something new. So she came to us as a foot model. Well, I wasn't able to see her dancing in this small flat, but modelling is for sure a thing she know how it works.
Svenja, 24  shoes 8, 1.71 m, joined: May '17
5       3      go to Svenja's site
As a young mother Svenja has a lot to do already. Even better that she still finds the time to model for us once in a while. Such an enthusiasted mother actually doesn't need any further hobbies, but she still also likes to visit theme parks a lot!
Siri, 18  shoes 12, 1.74 m, joined: Apr. '17
3       2      go to Siri's site
Siri comes definitely with an extravagant look. She seems to be very tough. Surely you can not play wrong games with Siri! In her free time the young trainee likes to meet with friends and makes party once in a while.
Sarah, 18  shoes 8, 1.77 m, joined: Mar. '17
4       5      go to Sarah's site
Sarah is a trainee as a nurse for old and sick people. With her huge heart this is definetely the right place for her. But also here at our cute website she is absolutely not deplaced at all. Just watch her productions and you know why.
Lili, 18  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: Jan. '17
2       5      go to Lili's site
As many of our girls Lili is a student at the Heidelberg university as well. She also was born in this nice city. She came to us because there was time between finishing school and starting at the university. And this is a big luck, because without beautiful Lili this site would be just half as nice.
Camy, 23  shoes 6, 1.57 m, joined: Nov. '16
7       3      go to Camy's site
Camy is an exchange student from Guatemala. Right in her first series you can recognize the exotic fire which she carries inside. It's not a wonder then, that she loves travelling, loves to try out new cooking recipes and as latest hobby she also loves to foot model for us, for you.
Lexy, 26  shoes 8, 1.72 m, joined: Sep. '16
2       3      go to Lexy's site
It's easy to tell, that Lexy obviously likes tattoos. And she really can wear them. But it also looks like as if she loves making foot shootings from now on as well. The fond of travelling dental assistant had directly a lot of fun and we hope we will see a lot more with her.
Kiki, 26  shoes 7.5, 1.68 m, joined: Aug. '16
6       5      go to Kiki's site
Kiki is really a totally adventurous girl. She worked for a short time in a supermarket bakery, where we directly asked her for this foot modelling issue. And since Kiki is not only excited when it is about new piercings and tattoos, she quickly agreed when it is about foot modelling for the very 1st time.
Kendy, 26  shoes 10, 1.65 m, joined: July '16
3       3      go to Kendy's site
Kendy comes from Russia and likes an extended foot massage and such things absolutely. All friends of foot girls with a bit more weight will totally be pleased with Kendy's series and clips.
Steffi, 29  shoes 5, 1.62 m, joined: June '16
2       3      go to Steffi's site
Steffi loves to be photographed and she liked the idea to make exactly this with her feet. She feels comfortable in front of a camera and making nice pictures is pretty good to combine with her 2nd big passion: Travelling!
Aileen, 23  shoes 8, 1.65 m, joined: May '16
3       2      go to Aileen's site
Aileen is a very freaked out and adventurous young lady. So it is no wonder she was totally excited about the idea to be a foot model. And she really does a good (first) job, ain't she? In her free time she likes shopping, making party or loves reading a real good book.
Jenn, 32  shoes 9, 1.65 m, joined: Apr. '16
3       1      go to Jenn's site
I mailed Jenn directly in the internet if she wouldn't be a model for this site. And what can I say? Jenn was totally enthusiasted about this idea. Because she not just loves her own feet, she is also totally into foot massages and more. So, this is the perfect place for you, Jenn :-)
Anne, 18  shoes 9, 1.78 m, joined: Mar. '16
4       2      go to Anne's site
Anne is a good friend of the models Larissa and Amelie which actually brought Anne to us. The young trainee is very interested into travelling, loves to make party and does a lot with her friends.
Janine, 18  shoes 8, 1.65 m, joined: Feb. '16
3       1      go to Janine's site
Janine is a friend of our model Cheyenne. It is always a great thing when a model can win a friend for our nice little project. Janine is learning animalier, so she loves to work with animals. In her free time she spends a lot of time with her friends.
Cheyenne, 18  shoes 8.5, 1.73 m, joined: Jan. '16
8       9      go to Cheyenne's site
Cheyenne is really the perfect New Years girl! A great start into the new year 2016. She has an amazing charisma. No wonder she is a very open minded girl which loves to make party and doing a lot with friends. Standing in front of the camera for the very 1st time (in socks and barefoot) was also a pleasure for her in the 1st second. And so it will be for you, too!
Sammie, 18  shoes 9, 1.75 m, joined: Dec. '15
2       1      go to Sammie's site
For Sammie it was the very first time in front of a (public) camera. Actually, just like for all the other Fairy Girls, too. Also her feet celebrate a debut here with us and you can tell by watching the images of the young, hip hop enthusiastic schoolgirl that she had a lot of fun, foot modelling for you.
Larissa, 18  shoes 7.5, 1.63 m, joined: Nov. '15
8       8      go to Larissa's site
The mega likeable half Indian girl makes an education in the media area. And that's exactly where she fits in. Behind as well as in front of the camera she guarantees totally best results.
Amelie, 20  shoes 11, 1.78 m, joined: Oct. '15
4       5      go to Amelie's site
The young student likes the whole feet topic very much for a long time already. So it was just a matter of time when she will amaze us with her great foot images and clips. She likes photographing by herself as well and she does it really good. Maybe one day for this site as well!?
Vicky, 26  shoes 7, 1.67 m, joined: Sep. '15
3       2      go to Vicky's site
I met Vicky in a sidewalk café and we talked very interesting. Soon I recognized that she loves riding very much and especially her own horse of course. And now you can see that she also can convince as an adorable foot model.
Celina, 22  shoes 8, 1.65 m, joined: Aug. '15
2       2      go to Celina's site
Cline found her way to us thru her cousin which is a model at Fairy-Feet.com as well. This is always the greatest thing, when girls can recommend us and each other. Celina works in the office, likes going out at the weekend and spends a lot of time with her boyfriend.
Evelina, 20  shoes 7, 1.58 m, joined: July '15
3       2      go to Evelina's site
Evelina came from Russia a few years ago. She just finished her education so she actually could move with her boyfriend, soon. He is also the one she spends the biggest part of her free time with. After having shooted with Evelina, I would be really surprised if she wouldn't find a new hobby in modelling. At least she would be talented for it!
Rainy, 22  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: June '15
7       4      go to Rainy's site
Her Japanese roots are pretty obvious. And maybe these are the reason for Rainy's breathtaking sight. As she recognizes, she doesn't not just love modelling, she also likes to travel and in her free time she is always active with her friends. Her job is medical assistance.
Vanessa, 27  shoes 8, 1.72 m, joined: May '15
5       8      go to Vanessa's site
Vanessa is a very open minded young lady. I would be surprised if Vanessa won't surprise us with something. In her free time she loves doing exciting things, experiences new stuff and you can talk with her about everything.
Karoline, 36  shoes 6, 1.65 m, joined: Apr. '15
3       0      go to Karoline's site
Karoline shows with her photos that of course also models over 30 years can offer a lot. A fantastic figure for example. Karoline models a lot and that's why she also travels pretty much.
Claudia, 20  shoes 6.5, 1.67 m, joined: Mar. '15
5       5      go to Claudia's site
Claudia is the sister of the last model, Anny, and as you can see, right as beautiful and as well talented for modelling. In her free time the young trainee is interested into fashion, tattoos and philosophy.
Anny, 22  shoes 7.5, 1.64 m, joined: Feb. '15
5       5      go to Anny's site
Anny doesn't just look fabulous, also to shoot with her is totally funny. The beautiful dental assistant gave us some of her spare time and delights us with real wonderful poses and dreamlike feet. We hopefully see a lot more of her!
Denny, 19  shoes 6, 1.66 m, joined: Jan. '15
4       1      go to Denny's site
The young Romanian studies here in Germany for a few more years and is happy that she can earn a little bit with modelling. And we can be happy as well, when this dance enthusiastic and animal-loving student shows her fantastic feet.
Fi, 19  shoes 6, 1.57 m, joined: Nov. '14
3       0      go to Fi's site
As far as I know Fi is the short form of an Indonesian name, cause Indonasia is exactly the country Fi comes originally from. And she brings the sun of her mother country to us. For a little while the mainly English speaking student will rest in Germany and hopefully does a lot of shootings with us.
Alex, 19  shoes 7, 1.71 m, joined: Oct. '14
3       1      go to Alex's site
Alex is a very versatile interested young woman. Even with her young age she lived abroad for 1 year already. She loves to care about and to ride her horse through the nature, does many different kind of sports and here at the latest she shows her very big gift to model as well. We are happy to have her with us!
Nicole, 18  shoes 6, 1.56 m, joined: Sep. '14
2       1      go to Nicole's site
Nicole is really a totally nice person. And the fact that she is pregnant (our very 1st pregnant model!) makes her even softer as well. We are totally happy especially under these conditions that Nicole joined into this fun and models for us. We wish you all the best, Nicole!
Sabrina, 18  shoes 9, 1.77 m, joined: Aug. '14
3       1      go to Sabrina's site
The very active and sporty young girl just finished high school and will start to study now. She loves travelling and she will find in any place a great kind of sport which is to explore. From bungee jumping over wild rivers up to extreme mountaineering she did it all already. Respect!
Elfy, 26  shoes 11.5, 1.68 m, joined: Aug. '14
3       3      go to Elfy's site
Elfy is for sure one of our biggest footed girl and she shows again how beautiful large feet can be. She is a very likeable person. The half Turkish girl studies in Heidelberg and is a 100% family person and totally interested into philosophy.
Iris, 19  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: Aug. '14
4       1      go to Iris' site
Iris studies in Heidelberg a pretty technical course. But here she shows, that she has sort of an artist heart as well. She heard about us and our explicit foot shootings and was very curious. She likes to travel and to make bigger tours by bike, maybe even with a tent.
Anita, 19  shoes 6, 1.53 m, joined: Aug. '14
9       8      go to Anita's site
It was actually just a matter of time, when Anita will be a model as well. Cause she really is a totally sporty, active and versatile interested young girl. She plays tennis, does aerobic, ballet, she rides and swims,... and having her as a model here is just awesome!
Marilee, 22  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: July '14
3       2      go to Marilee's site
Even if we swear, that Marilee is a young mother and right now housewife, you wouldn't believe it. Cause she still has an amazing body and her sight is totally model like!
Georgina, 18  shoes 7, 1.62 m, joined: June '14
10       6      go to Georgina's site
Georgina is a little sunshine, is pretty insolent and glibly and knows how to treat and also insolent photographer. She loves collecting shoes, dancing hip hop and hopefully discovered foot modelling for herself as well now. We would be very pleased!
Malika, 21  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: May '14
16       10      go to Malika's site
The young Eastern European started studying not long ago here in Heidelberg/Germany where she likes it pretty much. In her free time she dances a lot, loves to do some team sports and meets friends frequently.
Tina, 21  shoes 7, 1.68 m, joined: Apr. '14
3       1      go to Tina's site
We saw Tina on an online model site cause she loves to do privat serious photographies of her from time to time. We are happy she was very interested into our little but fine project as well and a short time later already the young student came to us.
Natascha, 20  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: Mar. '14
3       1      go to Natascha's site
It's great that the fond of travelling girl found the time and muse to model for us besides her education. And she also can not hide her sportiness as well.
Maja, 22  shoes 8, 1.65 m, joined: Feb. '14
6       4      go to Maja's site
Of course it is always a question of your own priorities but Maja really can make a deep, positive impression for a long time... Her big-hearted mind she shows especially in her love to her horse, her talent for modelling she shows us here.
Alma, 20  shoes 8.5, 1.75 m, joined: Jan. '14
3       3      go to Alma's site
Alma came a lot around already. She worked as an au pair girl in France where she had a little job as model as well. Now she studies here in Heidelberg and we are happy that she also has fun to model for us now!
Olesja, 28  shoes 8.5, 1.76 m, joined: Dec. '13
4       0      go to Olesja's site
She is really full of joie de vivre and actually comes from Ukraine. Since she was here already years ago as an au pair girl she now came back as a student, cause she likes Heidelberg so much. We like her totally when modeling, besides her hobbies like swimming and dancing.
Suleika, 21  shoes 7.5, 1.63 m, joined: Nov. '13
10       5      go to Suleika's site
A real impressing temper goes out from this young girl which is totally into sports and especially into ballet. In her free times she does a lot of things with her friends and when ever possible outdoor.
Tatjana, 25  shoes 7, 1.72 m, joined: Oct. '13
6       3      go to Tatjana's site
The young and beautiful Bulgarian studies here in Heidelberg/Germany where she also really loves to live. In her free time she absolutely loves dancing even in an association and we would be surprised if she would not start to model now at the latest.
Yvonne, 22  shoes 6, 1.60 m, joined: Sep. '13
4       1      go to Yvonne's site
Yvonne is really a breathtaking person. This might be even emphasized by the fact that she did some modelling in her free time before already so she shows up with some real nice poses and views. Surely this is a welcome compensation to her maybe more boring office job.
Allegra, 19  shoes 10, 1.80 m, joined: Aug. '13
4       1      go to Allegra's site
We are happy that Allegra had the time besides her education as merchandiser to model for us. Cause we would not like to abstain from this friendly and real beautiful young woman. In her free time she rides a lot mountain bike and enjoys nature.
Alina, 18  shoes 9, 1.77 m, joined: July '13
5       4      go to Alina's site
With Alina we are glad to welcome a real extreme sporty young woman. The young pupil spends a lot of her time doing athletic sports and taking part in several clubs. So she has this active and healthy expression!
Sina, 18  shoes 8.5, 1.74 m, joined: May '13
10       5      go to Sina's site
Maybe you did see Sina already live on stage. Cause a big part of her free time the sporty trainee spends into dancing, mostly hiphop, and she even did dance already together with some celebrities. Great that we finally have her as model now as well!
Jacqueline, 19  shoes 7, 1.74 m, joined: Apr. '13
3       2      go to Jacqueline's site
We are happy that Jacqueline took such a long way to model for us, cause she loved our site so much. And we like the results of this young baker woman as well. What's your opinion?
Miley, 19  shoes 6, 1.53 m, joined: Mar. '13
4       0      go to Miley's site
Miley comes originally from Iran what explains her amazing oriental expression. Her fawn brown eyes shine into the camera when she proudly presents her feet. In her free time she enjoys activities with her friends.
Cora, 22  shoes 9, 1.73 m, joined: Mar. '13
3       0      go to Cora's site
Where to start to tell about Cora, and where to end? As you will see she is not just a totally talented footmodel but she also works sometimes as a real Grid Girl even at Formula One races! Great to have her in our team now!
Ramona, 21  shoes 8.5, 1.72 m, joined: Feb. '13
3       1      go to Ramona's site
Ramona actually comes from Russia, lives in Germany for a while now though. She is in an education to become a nurse right now. In her free time she likes to try out new things, such as modelling for us. Fortunately.
Audrey, 21  shoes 10, 1.74 m, joined: Jan. '13
3       1      go to Audrey's site
Audrey is an exchange student from Britain who heard about our project by chance. So this makes us happy, not only because we become even more international but also we can make great pictures with this talented model!
Ashley, 23  shoes 7.5, 1.56 m, joined: Dec. '12
13       11      go to Ashley's site
Ashley is the "little" sister of our model Fiona. Ashley, though, loves the nature much more than her sister does. In her free time she loves to play tennis.
Fiona, 24  shoes 7.5, 1.55 m, joined: Dec. '12
6       4      go to Fiona's site
Fiona works as a waitress in a big restaurant at this time and this is a lot of fun for her. There is not very much time for a lot of hobbys then and the nature is not really her favorite location which makes us proud that we were still able to take a series with her outside :-)
Manou, 22  shoes 7, 1.62 m, joined: Nov. '12
4       1      go to Manou's site
Manou found the way to us with her friend and fellow student Jana, who models for us a lot, too. We are totally glad and proud that we did win Manou as our model as long as she keeps on studying here in Heidelberg.
Elli, 18  shoes 7.5, 1.65 m, joined: Oct. '12
4       1      go to Elli's site
Elli comes from Russia and enjoys her free time with friends whenever it is possible. Schoolgirl Elli never runs out of creative ideas about how to organize the collective time with her friends.
Michaela, 18  shoes 9, 1.69 m, joined: Oct. '12
4       0      go to Michaela's site
Shooting with Michaela was a lot of fun. She likes to pose in front of a camera and to make cool photos. She does an education as animal keeper and in her free time she also does a lot for animal protection.
Mary-Lu, 23  shoes 8.5, 1.75 m, joined: Sep. '12
4       0      go to Mary-Lu's site
Mary-Lu works as an tourism administrator and she has seen a lot of the world already. This might explain her open mind and charism, which expresses on her images as well. She even did model for fashion shots the one or the other time.
Anna-Maria, 18  shoes 7,5, 1.58 m, joined: Aug. '12
6       2      go to Anna-Maria's site
Just 1 day after her 18th birthday Anna-Maria came to us. What a luck! Cause the young Hip Hop fan is not just very photogenic, it is also a lot of fun to shoot with her!
Michelle, 22  shoes 11.5, 1.77 m, joined: Aug. '12
4       2      go to Michelle's site
Actually Michelle comes straigfht from the northern end of Germany. But for her studies she moved here to southern Germany. A great decission. Who knows if we would have ever met this magical girl with dreamlike feet!? Besides the new discovered talent for modelling Michelle is a great dancer as well.
Caro, 21  shoes 10, 1.79 m, joined: July '12
3       0      go to Caro's site
Caro took a long way to move to Heidelberg to study here, which is a pleasure for us of course. In her free time she likes to travel, to see a lot of the world and she loves art, especially theatre.
Naemi, 19  shoes 7, 1.60 m, joined: June '12
6       2      go to Naemi's site
We are really happy, that we had the luck to catch Naemi here in Heidelberg. The adventurous globetrotter loves to travel and her open kind enables her to meet new people all the time. And she loves to try out new things, like here. And we are happy about this.
Jana, 26  shoes 10.5, 1.70 m, joined: June '12
8       9      go to Jana's site
Jana studies here at the Heidelberg Unsiversity. And this is really good, cause otherwise we think she wouldn't have found the way to us. She likes travelling and since now: modelling as well. At least for us.
Fatma, 21  shoes 6, 1.79 m, joined: May '12
4       1      go to Fatma's site
With Fatma we are proud to welcome a bautiful Turkish model. She works in a travel agency, loves to travel by herself as well and found the idea to model for us very exciting. And so we are happy to welcome her in our team!
Jules, 18  shoes 9, 1.77 m, joined: Apr. '12
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The totally likable high-school graduate has a little bit model experience already. But not as a foot model though. As for all the other Fairy Girls it was her debut as well. In her free time she does a lot of sport in many different directions.
Annushka, 22  shoes 7, 1.63 m, joined: Mar. '12
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The young russian girl studies here in Heidelberg/Germany and she loves this town. She is a very open minded person with a lot of different interest, so for example music in (almost) all variations. We are happy that she also found the way to us!
Suleih, 18  shoes 7, 1.60 m, joined: Mar. '12
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Suleih is as you can see of an asiatic ancestry which makes us very proud to have her as our model. Her name can mean "temptress" but she can not only be soft and nice, she also is a powerful martial arts fighter. A great girl!
Amelie, 19  shoes 8.5, 1.62 m, joined: Feb. '12
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Amelie studies in Heidelberg and besides that she leads a youth dancing group in her free time. She likes to stay physical active and anyway, she just spreads a lot of life energy to her environment.
Samantha, 18  shoes 9, 1.75 m, joined: Jan. '12
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Samantha, Sammy or Sam as her friends may call her, goes to school close to Heidelberg and loved the idea to model for us. And we love her open and friendly kind. In her free time she does a lot of creative things such as painting or writing and she does a lot of sports.
Trixi, 21  shoes 10, 1.74 m, joined: Jan. '12
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Trixi loves to model in her free time. So she's one of the rare girls which did not stand in front of the camera for the first time, like most of our other girls did. In her free time she likes to go out dancing and go to the movies with her friends.
Malia, 18  shoes 8.5, 1.64 m, joined: Dec. '11
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Like a twister she enters a room. Malia is really an open minded, happy vivid person with a lot of fun doing photographing and modelling.
Sina, 18  shoes 8.5, 1.72 m, joined: Nov. '11
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Sina convinces with her great charisma and a real talent for modelling. And she really can not hide that she loves to dance and does a lot of sports in her free time as well. A real great girl.
Anna, 21  shoes 8.5, 1.70 m, joined: Nov. '11
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Schoolgirl Anna obviously has a lot of fun doing shootings. She loves to play different roles and manages it to stay still totally herself. And this is very great since she is a real happy person!
Lilly, 22  shoes 7, 1.70 m, joined: Oct. '11
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Lilly is a happy and open minded student. She has not many experiences doing modelling. But this is really not a problem, watching her images is still or even because of that a total pleasure.
Dior, 18  shoes 7, 1.68 m, joined: Sep. '11
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Dior found our site and liked it right away. She thought this would be a nice addition and nice change to her hobbies. She loves doing private fun-shootings with friends or also acts in her school in the theater and movie actress class.
Rebecca, 23  shoes 6, 1.68 m, joined: Sep. '11
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Rebecca is like her friend Agathe an exchange student from Chile. With her fresh kind she manages the balancing act between friendly nearness and cool distance. In her free time she does a lot of sports and loves dancing.
Abby, 19  shoes 7.5, 1.65 m, joined: Aug. '11
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We are very proud about Abby, our first sexy darker skinned model. The half Jamaican girl lives in Germany for a long time already, does a lot of sports and is very talented for modelling as well.
Agathe, 22  shoes 8, 1.78 m, joined: July '11
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Agathe studies two semesters in Germany but comes from Chile. Yes, in deed a redhead girl can come from Chile, due to her ancestors. She is a very happy girl and is glad to model for us.
Lina, 18  shoes 10, 1.80 m, joined: July '11
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Lina poses - like all the other models, too - for the very first time as footmodel. And this she really does well. She still goes to school and in her free time she loves to dance.
Tanny, 19  shoes 8, 1.65 m, joined: June '11
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We are happy that our Model Tanja brought her very best friend Tanny to us. She is obviously very amused about someone enjoying her feet that way. She seems to love it and so will you. She is a trainee and in her free time she meets with her friends.
Annika, 24  shoes 8, 1.73 m, joined: June '11
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Annika studies in our country and we are glad she found the way to us. It is a lot of fun to shot with her and also her images speak for themselves!
Haily, 18  shoes 8, 1.75 m, joined: May '11
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Haily is a strong, self confident young woman which her pictures express as well. She knows what she wants and when you watch her great images and wonderful feet, you will know it, too :-)
Karen, 18  shoes 7, 1.59 m, joined: Apr. '11
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If Karen would hide her feet, it would be a huge loss for mankind. Especially because she really has a lot of fun doing shootings. And this you can tell when seeing her productions!
Alexandra, 18  shoes 8, 1.75 m, joined: Apr. '11
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Alexandra really has a totally beautiful, photogenic face, and the matching figure. Even though she modelled for the very first time with us, we really hope she will continue in this business. She certainly does have what it needs for it!
Jennifer, 18  shoes 10.5, 1.84 m, joined: Apr. '11
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Jennifer is a pretty tall young lady, who will surely make something big out of her life as well. She is very involved in playing theatre and loves all that has to do with acting.
Madhuri, 18  shoes 10, 1.69 m, joined: Mar. '11
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Madhuri was - like all the other Fairy Girls - in front of a camera for the very first time. This is hard to believe when watching those looks and poses. We would be surprised if she wouldn'r go ahead in the model scene. And we are happy that she had her debut here with us!
Saskia, 22  shoes 6.5, 1.62 m, joined: Mar. '11
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Saskia is a nurse in a local hospital and has a very big heart. She is pretty open minded and adventurous. In her free time she loves to be in the nature with her dog.
Alicia, 22  shoes 8, 1.64 m, joined: Feb. '11
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Alicia is a real powerwoman. She loves to play different roles for photography. When she's not to busy with studying she has fun doing photoshoots, goes out dancing, does some sports and meets with her friends.
Chiara, 18  shoes 10, 1.73 m, joined: Feb. '11
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A totally breathtaking charisma is what you will experience instantly when watching Chiara's images. She poses so convicting in body and sight that the expression of her productions doubles right away. She is a trainee and in her spare time she rides motorbike and practices some martial arts.
Maren, 18  shoes 8, 1.73 m, joined: Jan. '11
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Shootings with Maren are a lot of fun. This you can tell when watching the results. In her free time she makes a lot of sports and has good times with her friends.
Cate, 19  shoes 7, 1.64 m, joined: Jan. '11
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Cate is a really cheerful and open minded young girl which has a lot of fun doing shootings with us. She has began to study and in her leisure time she likes to meet her friends.
Lisa, 18  shoes 6.5, 1.61 m, joined: Dec. '10
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Lisa studies pretty close to us and is very interested in art. She has fun modelling but she does it mainly in her free time and just 4 fun so far.
Unna, 18  shoes 7.5, 1.67 m, joined: Dec. '10
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Unna is a real fancy young girl from Eastern Europe with an eccentrical and distinctive style. She has a lot of fun in front of the camera and wants to became a fashion designer later.
Mary, 21  shoes 6.5, 1.63 m, joined: Nov. '10
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Mary is a very versatile girl, which you can tell when watching her productions. Privately she likes it a little punky and has a lot of fun doing party sometimes, but she also can be serious and elegant as well.
Lara, 19  shoes 10, 1.78 m, joined: Nov. '10
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Lara studies pretty close to here and she loves motorcycles and other fast things. Even if she did model before once or twice, to show her feet into the camera was a pretty new and exciting thing for her!
Maria, 19  shoes 7, 1.68 m, joined: Oct. '10
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Maria is a job trainee right now, loves sports and to model, especially just4fun and with friends so far. She took part at some model contestes though where she even reached one of the top rankings! When watching her images you will know why!
Delilah, 22  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: Oct. '10
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As all the other girls, Delilah is happy as well, to be at Fairy-Feet.com! And it would really be a pitty if she was not. These wonderful feet really just have to be shown to a great audience. Her positive kind is also very helpful in her job as a hotel receptionist.
Alina, 22  shoes 6.5, 1.66 m, joined: Oct. '10
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Alina is a very cheerful and likeable, ambitious nurse. When time alows it, the native Russian girl meets with friends or rides her bicycle.
Mathea, 18  shoes 9, 1.77 m, joined: Oct. '10
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It is not very often that we have such a happy person in front of our camera. Mathea has a lot of fun doing shootings and also a big talent for it. In her free time she meets with friends a lot and loves to make music by herself.
Ricky, 20  shoes 8, 1.75 m, joined: Sep. '10
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Ricky is a real cheerful student who had a lot of fun modelling with us. In her free time she loves to meet her friends and she is also working in an honorary capacity.
Lucy, 20  shoes 7, 1.69 m, joined: Sep. '10
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Lucy is a real impressing personality. You can see her in many different moods such as totally happy until deeply thoughtful. Really amazing. She plays saxophone, loves to photograph by herself and has a lot of fun with modelling for us.
Jana, 19  shoes 7, 1.68 m, joined: Sep. '10
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Jana is sort of "The other" Fairy Girl. She is totally hot for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music and all which belongs to this as well. Like having the motto: Rather Combat Boots than Ballerinas. She likes travelling and Open Air Festivals.
Anja, 18  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: Sep. '10
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Anja poses here in front of a camera for her very first time. She dreams to become a model one day and when watching her photos, you will see that there is not a single thing speaking against that idea! She does a lot of sports and most of the time she will infect you by her great mood and with her cute smile!
Melissa, 21  shoes 7.5, 1.70 m, joined: Aug. '10
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Melissa just loves to model and when ever she has time, she makes beautiful pictures with her friends, just for fun. And you can tell how much fun it is for her when watching her images. A great woman with a fantastic charism.
Alexa, 20  shoes 9, 1.64 m, joined: Aug. '10
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Alexa is a totally crazy girl and has fun doing funny actions of almost any kind. She had a lot of fun during the shooting and made a very open minded impression.
Sabine, 22  shoes 8, 1.70 m, joined: Aug. '10
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Sabine is a very sporty girl, doing fitness, gymnastics and some athletics as well. When her studies don't take too much time, she loves to model and she would be really happy if you like her images.
Julia, 22  shoes 7.5, 1.73 m, joined: Aug. '10
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Julia works as an Au Pair Girl in Germany at a very friendly guest family. She comes from Ukraine and would like to stay in Germany to start studying. She has a lot of fun working with her guest family's kids.
Inga, 20  shoes 8.5, 1.65 m, joined: July '10
6       3      go to Inga's site
Inga really is a super natural girl. You can meet her when doing shopping as well as in the clubs at night. And always you would think: Wow, what a beautiful woman! We are really happy that she is modelling for us. And she would be also happy if you would like her as much as we do!
Melanie, 23  shoes 5.5, 1.63 m, joined: July '10
7       1      go to Melanie's site
Melanie has a lot of different interests and models a lot in her free time. But she never modelled as a foot model before. So she was totally surprised and convicted after she saw the results that even her feet are a totally eye catcher. Yes, we do know how :)
Sonja, 20  shoes 8, 1.71 m, joined: July '10
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Sonja still wants to think about what she wants to do now after school. She was very curious about the shooting and found the idea very amusing of having her feet in the focus of doing pictures.
Tanja, 18  shoes 7, 1.63 m, joined: July '10
14       8      go to Tanja's site
Tanja is a trainee for a shop assistance. She is very proud to be one of the first models for Fairy-Feet.com! In her free time she likes going out and dance or to meet with friends.
Angel, 20  shoes 7, 1.65 m, joined: July '10
12       5      go to Angel's site
Angel just starts to study and has a lot of fun modelling. She would be really happy if you like her productions. She loves being in the nature so the best thing to do in summer is having some fun outdoor.
*The age besides the names referres to the age of this girl's first production ever.
To mention the recent age would make no sense cause in 30 years for example all our models will be 50 years old, but they stay about 20 years of age in their productions for all time.