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Welcome to Lola's site!

Lola was studying at the Heidelberg University when we did these productions. And even though that she directly came from her home country Spain she spoke our language almost perfectly already, as you can hear in her clips, when she talks to you. How she will be doing today? I hope fine. At least it was a great time. You can tell so when seeing her productions.

Lola is modelling for us since 12. June '18. We recently have 5 productions with her.

About Lola
Birthday:July 1991
Age right today: 27 years
Lola startet here with:   26 years
Shoesize (US):6
Height:1.64 meters
Weight at 12. June '18:52 kg

We show all 5 productions of Lola.
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Car-Session with Lola
Art.No. clp00291, online since: 23.11.18

She is kind of pissed off because she had to wait for you. But at least you have her in your car, as appointed, and now you can have a lot of fun with her feet in black socks and her net-stockings covered feet. What a pleasure and what a fascinating girl! Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00482

8:21 minutes, 90 MByte
Lola is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Lola & Alma In Your Face
Art.No. clp00273, online since: 22.06.18

Oh yes, these two honeys are really best friends. So they hug each other while holding their socked (and later bare) feet to you. While in their last series they were more busy with each other, they now involve you into their action. No original sound but with music. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00420)

8:32 minutes, 75 MByte
Lola is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Lola & Alma fool around
Art.No. img00513, online since: 19.06.18

The two best friends (Alma is also 18 years old here) fool around with each other and of course they involve there wonderful, cute feet into the game... Even though there are 2 girls it is of course still the same price like other series. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f00454)

51 Images, 19 MByte
Lola is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Underneath Lola's chair
Art.No. clp00272, online since: 15.06.18

Finally once again a new part of the very popular underneath-a-chair clips. This time you may lay down under the feet of Lola. Enjoy her socked and bare feet as close as possible while she talks to you in German with beautiful Spanish accent. Enjoy it! (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00474)

9:06 minutes, 56 MByte
Lola is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Sporty Lola
Art.No. img00512, online since: 12.06.18

That's what the fan of white socks was waiting for. Lola - often in real life as a Gothic Girl - can do it different as well. Namely sporty! In sneakers and white socks she waits for you and is never the less looking forward to present you her feet - socked and barefoot. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f00444)

63 Images, 20 MByte
Lola is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 5 productions by Lola. 2 Photosets   and    3 Videoclips.
The amount of Lola's productions may raise in future.
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