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Welcome to Juliette's site!

The young school girl Juliette once came from Russia. She was laughing a lot when she first heard about men, loving girls' feet. But she really learned fast, how many men really do so. That's why a lot of great production came up with her (and often with her friend Aisha). Just like many FPV models she talks lovely in her clips!

Juliette is modelling for us since 15. May '18. We recently have 6 productions with her.

About Juliette
Birthday:February 1989
Age right today: 30 years
Juliette startet here with:   29 years
Shoesize (US):7.5
Height:1.63 meters
Weight at 15. May '18:60 kg

We show all 6 productions of Juliette.
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Juliette Girly Style
Art.No. clp00287, online since: 28.09.18

There are just so many great productions with Juliette, so we just had to present her once again at that place. She also looks great in that Girly style role. A nice clip with even nicer feet and also nice speaking to you. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00310)

7:12 minutes, 51 MByte
Juliette is here
19 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Homeviews - Juliette's feet at home
Art.No. clp00286, online since: 21.09.18

Juliette waits for you in her new appartment and lets you see her red socks and enjoy her bare feet. She knows exactly what she wants and she tells you what to do. You better follow! (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00368)

8:49 minutes, 98 MByte
Juliette is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Underneath Juliette's chair
Art.No. clp00269, online since: 25.05.18

The "underneath ... chair" clips have always been a highlight at Feet-per-View.com! And when you watch this clip you will understand the reason why. While Juliette i smaking some manicure and talks great to you, you can enjoy her feet as close as possible from a wonderful perspective. (Was online at FPV as Art.No. c00379.)

10:02 minutes, 84 MByte
Juliette is here
19 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Juliette & Aisha in white socks
Art.No. img00509, online since: 22.05.18

It's about 80% with feet in white socks, then barefoot as well. No matter how dressed - the images of these two footgirls are always breathtaking. You can see that they had a lot of fun pushing their feet right into your face. Convince yourself! (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f00323.)

59 Images, 32 MByte
Juliette is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Juliette at the phone
Art.No. clp00268, online since: 18.05.18

Juliette was dancing all night long at the club. Finally she is at home and calls her friend Aisha. She tells about her hurting feet from all that dancing while you can see by yourself how her feet really feel...

9:40 minutes, 85 MByte
Juliette is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Juliette & Aisha
Art.No. img00508, online since: 15.05.18

Curious and asking theirselves, what the hell is the thing with being hot for feet, they check out each others feet by touching, smelling and so on. They don't look very convinced so they decide to offer their feet to you, the real foot lover! (Was online at FPV as Art.No. f00328. Aisha is here 18 years old as well.)

50 Images, 26 MByte
Juliette is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 6 productions by Juliette. 2 Photosets   and    4 Videoclips.
The amount of Juliette's productions may raise in future.
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