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Welcome to Celina's site!

Cline found her way to us thru her cousin which is a model at Fairy-Feet.com as well. This is always the greatest thing, when girls can recommend us and each other. Celina works in the office, likes going out at the weekend and spends a lot of time with her boyfriend.

Celina is modelling for us since 07. August '15. We recently have 4 productions with her.

About Celina
Birthday:June 1993
Age right today: 25 years
Celina startet here with:   22 years
Shoesize (US):8
Height:1.65 meters
Weight at 07. August '15:65 kg

We show all 4 productions of Celina.
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Celina's foot care
Art.No. clp00182, online since: 14.06.16

Celina comes home tired but still has the power for a relaxing foot care program. First she refreshes and chills her feet with water, then she puts on some lotion and finally puts up her feet in a well earned, relaxing position.

8:34 minutes, 220 MByte
Celina is here
22 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Celina is getting fit
Art.No. clp00152, online since: 17.11.15

I don't say she needs it, but to watch Celina during her workout is just fun. Especially when beeing rewarded with the great view of her workout feet during the exercices and after them, in socks and barefoot. A beautiful woman with selfsame feet.

8:34 minutes, 221 MByte
Celina is here
22 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Celina takes off her socks
Art.No. img00373, online since: 18.09.15

Celina poses in sneakers and pretty long in socks as well. She keeps the tension before she grants a view to her spotless feet. But waiting is worth while. Actually, her feet look - just like the whole girl - even great in socks!

75 Images, 78 MByte
Celina is here
22 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Celina in High Heels
Art.No. img00367, online since: 07.08.15

At least at the beginning Celina wears very summerly High Heels. But not very long then she shows her delicious feet from a very versatile range of views.

73 Images, 80 MByte
Celina is here
22 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 4 productions by Celina. 2 Photosets   and    2 Videoclips.
The amount of Celina's productions may raise in future.
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