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Welcome to Fi's site!

As far as I know Fi is the short form of an Indonesian name, cause Indonasia is exactly the country Fi comes originally from. And she brings the sun of her mother country to us. For a little while the mainly English speaking student will rest in Germany and hopefully does a lot of shootings with us.

Fi is modelling for us since 07. November '14. We recently have 3 productions with her.

About Fi
Birthday:July 1995
Age right today: 23 years
Fi startet here with:   19 years
Shoesize (US):6
Height:1.57 meters
Weight at 07. November '14:48 kg

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Fi in the park
Art.No. img00347, online since: 20.03.15

She catches some sun, puts up her feet and relaxes. Then she feels like climbing a little bit. That's how you can enjoy a nice day!

74 Images, 79 MByte
Fi is here
19 years old.
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Fi in socks
Art.No. img00333, online since: 30.12.14

It looks a little bit like an (english?) school uniform. Maybe school did just end? Anyway, it is surely a nice feeling to finally get rid of this tight shoes and allow the fresh air to relax her feet.

74 Images, 81 MByte
Fi is here
19 years old.
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Fi's arrival
Art.No. img00326, online since: 07.11.14

Fi arrives at the train station. After such a long trip the best thing is to relax in the autumn sun. So get rid of the shoes and take off the orange socks to catch as much sun as even possible.

70 Images, 65 MByte
Fi is here
19 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 3 productions by Fi. 3 Photosets   and    0 Videoclips.
The amount of Fi's productions may raise in future.
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