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Welcome to Elfy's site!

Elfy is for sure one of our biggest footed girl and she shows again how beautiful large feet can be. She is a very likeable person. The half Turkish girl studies in Heidelberg and is a 100% family person and totally interested into philosophy.

Elfy is modelling for us since 22. August '14. We recently have 6 productions with her.

About Elfy
Birthday:July 1988
Age right today: 30 years
Elfy startet here with:   26 years
Shoesize (US):11.5
Height:1.68 meters
Weight at 22. August '14:58 kg

We show all 6 productions of Elfy.
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Elfy with the jump rope
Art.No. clp00123, online since: 17.04.15

It's not just easy to show feet in action and in movement with a jump rope, it is also well made to pose with, just like Elfy is doing it here in this clip.

6:38 minutes, 171 MByte
Elfy is here
26 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Relaxed feet
Art.No. img00343, online since: 24.02.15

After Elfy tap-danced so much recently, her feet may really need a break. So she gets out of the shoes and the socks and relaxes her feet!

75+21 Images, 57 MByte
Elfy is here
26 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Elfy in pumps
Art.No. img00335, online since: 09.01.15

Great environment, beautiful model, enchanting feet and now even those sexy shoes. Very gifted Elfy puts her feet in scene in many exciting and diversified pictures.

81 Images, 93 MByte
Elfy is here
26 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Elfy tap-dancing
Art.No. clp00102, online since: 04.11.14

Elfy shows here her talent with tap-dancing. First she gets into the right shoes, than she trains a little bit and finally catching some sun barefoot in this sunny weather!

7:59 minutes, 206 MByte
Elfy is here
26 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Graffiti Elfy
Art.No. clp00098, online since: 10.10.14

First Elfy is kind of busy with this Graffiti, but then she makes a break in which she takes off her sneakers and the socks to relax her wonderful feet and to let you adore them.

8:16 minutes, 214 MByte
Elfy is here
26 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Art.No. img00315, online since: 22.08.14

It is always a very exciting thing when a model wears a special outfit out of her real life. So happened here. Elfy started to play baseball a few years ago in the USA and plays it still today in Germany. Here you can adore her in this sporty outfit. And barefoot of course.

89 Images, 101 MByte
Elfy is here
25 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 6 productions by Elfy. 3 Photosets   and    3 Videoclips.
The amount of Elfy's productions may raise in future.
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