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Welcome to Sonja's site!

Sonja still wants to think about what she wants to do now after school. She was very curious about the shooting and found the idea very amusing of having her feet in the focus of doing pictures.

Sonja is modelling for us since 15. July '10. We recently have 5 productions with her.

About Sonja
Birthday:March 1990
Age right today: 29 years
Sonja startet here with:   20 years
Shoesize (US):8
Height:1.71 meters
Weight at 15. July '10:58 kg

We show all 5 productions of Sonja.
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Mega Thank You Compilation
Art.No. img00501, online since: 27.03.18

It is unbelievable but true! We say Thank You for 8 amazing years so far! Also it is the opportunity for first time downloaders to get a fascinating overview of our girls. For smallest possible price you'll get 39 models, which means a third of all our models! 1000 images taken from the first 100(!) series we produced. Also 1 clip in full length. Maybe just for a short time. Download this mega production now! (Due to technical reasons it links here only to the first 5 girls. But there are the first 39 girls inside!)

39+1000+1 Images, 468 MByte
Models (Age):
 Angel (20)
 Tanja (18)
 Sonja (20)
 Melanie (23)
 Inga (20)
2.50 €  Downloaden

100 photosets - Party!
Art.No. img00100, online since: 25.10.11

Hard to believe, but we made 100 photosets in just 15months! We celebrate that with this specialset - perfect for new customers and 1st time orderers! We took 5 times half the photosets (=5 girls) from 5 different series (taken from img00003, 00006, 00014, 00050, 00081)

158 Images, 67 MByte
Models (Age):
 Angel (20)
 Sonja (20)
 Anja (18)
 Lucy (20)
 Lisa (18)
2.50 €  Downloaden

Sonja's Footposing
Art.No. img00047, online since: 25.02.11

Actually not much words are needed. The preview images speak for themselves. Wonderful, dreamlike shots with beautiful, barefoot Sonja.

70 Images, 20 MByte
Sonja is here
20 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Sonja on the sofa
Art.No. img00024, online since: 23.11.10

She wears grey Chucks and grey socks. But those are taken off very soon of course, so you can enjoy her marvelous pure feet in exciting positions.

60 Images, 31 MByte
Sonja is here
20 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Sonja with balloons
Art.No. img00003, online since: 15.07.10

Sneakers, white socks, white cuffs and barefoot. That's how Sonja plays with these balloons and let them pop once in a while.

63 Images, 17 MByte
Sonja is here
20 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 5 productions by Sonja. 5 Photosets   and    0 Videoclips.
The amount of Sonja's productions may raise in future.
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