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Shopping cart won't work? Ordering as CD/DVD by postmail?

There is a solution for both. First for those who have problems with our shopping cart system and below for those who want to order not as download but as CD/DVD by post. For any further questions just mail our Support.

The shopping cart system doesn't work with me!

We have about 2-5% of visitors who have problems with our shopping cart system. It either shows "empty cart" or "-1" all the time and doesn't allow to fill up with items. No problem. Just go ahead and note all items you would like to have. Note the article numbers (not the names, titles, etc.). For example: img00032, img00067, clp00012, clp00013, clp00021.
Then just mail us this list (see menu: Contact/Support).
After a short while we will email your total, the amount you need to pay (including all discounts! No extra fees for manual order!)
Please pay this amount then by using Moneybookers/Skrill. After you paid we will mail your downloads manually as soon as possible!
This method is recommended if you have trouble with our shop system but still have Moneybookers/Skrill. It is easy!
There is just one more thing: You need to order at least 5 items. 5 or more articles is the minimum for manual orders.

I would like to order items py post on CD or DVD to my home!

This is also possible. We recommend instant download of course but in case you do not have a fast inernet connection you may want to use our post service.
Just order regulary. Put all into the cart that you want to order. Then pay regulary, just like a regulary download order. After that you will get your downloads by mail. As usual. But now, just go ahead an mail us something like this:

"Hello Fairy Feet team, I just ordered something. I want to have my order to be send by post as DVD without Label. Please send to: Max Exampleman, Examplestreet 1, 12345 Examplecity, Examplecountry..."

So just tell us your full adress (we send from Germany/Europe). If you live in Germany, tell us also if you want it as CD-Rom or as DVD-Rom. All persons out of Germany will get DVD Roms only and without label only. The package is totally anonymous. No bill, no invoice. Handwritten adress.

There are the following minimum orders for FREE SHIPPING of your order:
  • To Germany: At least 10 items (tell us if as DVD or CD Rom)
  • To Europe: At least 15 items (only as DVD-Rom, not CD-Rom)
  • Worldwide: At least 25 items (only as DVD-Rom, not CD-Rom)
We are looking forward to your order!