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Our philosophy

Always, when girls want to become a model at Fairy-Feet.com, they ask us: "Okay, but why FEET"? And we ask ourselves why it seems to be such a strange thing for so many (mostly young) people to understand feet primary as a body part as any other else.
What made feet become a "baaahh" topic for a lot of people in the last 100 years might be the fact, that caused by sneakers or synthetic, bad shoes, feet might take a not very ladylike smell (on the first sight). Okay. But besides of that, feet are a body part just like any other else and even more: They are so important (you could not walk without), so sensitive (are you ticklish? Ever stepped into a nail?), so magical (foot reflex massaging) and they CAN be wonderful and just beautiful, if the "foot owner" would take care of them just as he (she) does for his (her) face every day!

When watching our girls, presenting their feet in those great clips and image sets, you will see very soon, that the complete package, made of a nice face, a natural expression, a great figure and last but not least dream like feet creates a final artwork which will make you fall on your knees to thank God for having discovered this mostly hidden, delicate beautiness.

For this reason, after such an explaination, the girls see and understand the motivations and start to see all the foot topic from a total different point of view, which makes them ready for a shooting where they can have a lot of fun, which will spread out thru the images and clips. Let the spirit be transmitted from the models' hearts to yours!

There is not a low amount of people loving feet. It is just a small amount of people daring "to out" themselves. Proved by lists of nice people who did the respactable step to name themselves as "footloving exots". For example: Quentin Tarantino, Elvis Presley, Ricky Martin, Jay Leno, Tommy Lee, Enrique Iglesias, Brooke Burke and Christian Slater. (Source: Google Search)

So we understand our project as a portal which wants to consolidate: Friends of nice feet should find beautiful images, models can be proud after a lifetime being loved for her "primary sexyness", to be now admired for a new part of their body: Their feet!