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Recent Information & Update-History

09.10.2015 - New at Fairy-Feet.com: Special Compilations

From now on we will have every month a new Special Compilation. This can be images, clips or both, alyways with multiple girls, always in one single package (1 download) and always about 1 topic such as barefoot, socks, nylons, 2 girls or like the first one: The StarterKit with 3 complete series + 2 clips in full length for less than half prize! Check us out now, you will love us!

25.07.2015 - 500 productions and 5 years!

This nice little website started in the middle of 2010. So, 5 years ago. And now in July 2015 we had the 500th production online! 365 series and 135 clips of almost 100 girls. We thank all our models for participating and of course all the (regular) downloaders and supporters of the project. Without you, this site wouldn't exist anymore. Thank you very much!

21.10.2014 - Paying with Credit Card is improved now

Now there is a more direct way to pay by one of many different Credit Cards: Choose "CCBill" when checking out and you will be forwarded to CCBill, to pay easily by Credit Card. More (new) paying methods, besides the many we have already, might follow within the next days/weeks.

15.07.2014 - 4. Anniversary of Fairy-Feet.com

In July 2010 we started with this website. Meanhwile we have 80 girls, 300+ series and almost 100 clips online. Time to make a little update break. On tuesday, July 29th we will update again and then with a great surprise. And stop by July 21st for a fantastic birthday special. Celebrate with us!


A little bit new website design. Also our facebook fansite is on: www.facebook.com/FairyFeetArt Please LIKE :-)

30.09.2012 - Update-Information-Service invented!

This is totally awesome: If you have a User Account you can now login to your user section and checkmark all the girls you want to be informed by email, a few days before a new update will come. This is really cool.

29.09.2012 - Toplists included!

Find a new menu item in the "Models" menu. Called: Top - Lists. Have fun!

06.06.2012 - We celebrate 2nd Anniversary!

Wow! Ain't time pass by just too fast? It is 2 years ago that we started with Fairy-Feet.com and we started with just 5 or 6 girls and 8 productions. Now we have 50 models and 190 productions already, splitted in 150 image sets and 40 clips. We are grateful for 2 wonderful years made possible by the best models in the world (you are fantastic!!) and also by the best visitors, customers and feedbackers of the world. YOU! Thanks a lot. Make use of the special which is on until June 29th 2012!

25.11.2011 - New at Fairy-Feet.com: 3D Images!

3D in the movies, 3D in computergames and now 3D even at Fairy-Feet.com!
It is really a cool effect when the models' feet reach out of your screen, touching the tip of your nose and the images become a real deep experience.
We go on as usual: But in some image sets of the future we will add some extra images in 3D as well. Extra images, for no extra costs! Our gift to you. You will recognize those special sets with extra 3D images by the 3D glasses symbol in the set's collage. Just see new model Sina's first set (Art.No. img00108).
You don't have a pair of 3D red/cyan glasses yet? Just mail us and we will tell you how easy you can get one!

19.08.2011 - Shopping cart system doesn't work? You still can order now!

A few people have problems using our shopping system. It always shows "empty" or even "-1 items in cart". We know about the problem and we have a solution for it now. Now you still can easily order without using the shopping system. It is also possible now to order by post as DVD or CD. How easy both works is quickly to read here.

01.07.2011 - Fairy-Feet.com celebrates 1st Birthday. Prices down!

How time goes by...!? Our site is online now for one year already. In July 2010 we went online. Meanwhile we updated more than 30 girls and almost 100 productions. We are actually pretty proud about this. And we thank all our visitors and customers for all that great feedback. We also appreciate the great work of our girls. And to say thank you and since we have so many great customers we were able to put our prices down to just 2,50 Euro for a single-girls photoset and only 3,00 Euro for a videoclip. What do you want more? Thanks for all and have fun shopping - now even cheaper!

05.05.2011 - Paying with Paysafecard it possible again

Due to technical reasons it wasn't possible to pay by paysafecard for a few months. Now we accept paysafecard again!

08.03.2011 - Jubilee: 50th Set online

Today we presented the 50th photoset. A little reason to celebrate. Keep in mind, that we only exist since July 2010 and we already have more than 25 models and 50 photosets. But those are not just many, but also really wonderful images and totally beautiful girls. Thanks again to all our models, to all the girls who worked so hard and made such great results. You are wonderful!

28.02.2011 - "Like" Button is there!

Du you like Fairy-Feet.com? Then show it to your friends on facebook, if you like. Find at the bottom right of each site the "Like" Button of facebook. Just click it. You also help us to become better known in the world. Thanks for your support!

30.11.2010 - New Update Schedule!

From now we still update twice a week. But the days change. We will have new productions every Tuesday and Friday! A totally brandnew model biweekly on Fridays. So have fun with a lot of new girls, images and clips here!

01.11.2010 - 2 Updates a week!

From now on we have even 2 Updates a week. In November we are updating on every TUESDAY and THURSDAY. Find a new girl every 2nd Thursday!

24.10.2010 - Extended Model Overview

Since today, besides the regular portrait overview, we have a Total Overview concerning the body shape impression of the models.

07.10.2010 - Great Feedbacks for the girls

This is actually not really a "News"-Issue, but we still wanted to give the nice and great feedbacks to the girls officially! A lot of visitors send us best regards, grateful comments and wonderful feedbacks about and for the girls. We also have some constructive critics of course, which is also helping to improve, but mostly we receive very nice mails. Thank you all! Thanks to the models! Thanks to our visitors!

10.09.2010 - Bug at payment procedure fixed!

Some of you recognized a "500 - Internal Server Error" or a red screen saying "an error occured" when trying to pay with Paybest (paysafecard, Moneybookers,...) - This bug is fixed now!!

09.08.2010 - Now we really start!

The first weeks of testing our brandnew website are over and we are totally stunned how much positive feedback you wrote! We will give the nice compliments for the girls to the girls, of course. We are sure they will be absolutey happy about your nice comments! Also thanks a lot to the constructive critications and we say: Sure, we will have a toplist and search function and a lot of other stuff here as well. But this only makes sense as soon as we have a lot of productions here. It all has just begun!
But to have as soon as possible as much as possible variety, we will update now one new girl every thursday!!! - And this for the next time!! So stay tuned, it is a lot going on here!

15.07.2010 - Fairy-Feet.com goes online!

It is done! Fairy-Feet.com starts with the Beta-Testversion and launches directly with 5(!) new girls and 9(!) brandnew productions. A little group of people is chosen to see and test it all first. We heartly welcome you here and would be happy if you like the site, the concept, the functions and especially our girls, images and clips!
We will update frequently very soon now. Best is to stay tuned and bookmark Fairy-Feet.com right now...