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How will it go on here? (Updated April 15th 2019)

Sockenmaedchen.de and Feet-per-View.com ended years ago. That was even announced long before. While you can not get any more from the former (so above all, no more stories for many reasons, including copyright reasons of the respective authors), but it is still possible to get all Feet-per-View.com productions. To all Fairy-Feet.com productions is self-evident, as long as there is this page here. However, please note the following points urgently. Thank you for reading:

  • Fairy-Feet.com, this page here, will be online until 20 December 2019. At this date, the server is finally terminated, all content is then deleted by the provider!
  • You can ORDER by shopping cart up to and including Sunday the 15th of December 2019. After that you can not order anything anymore but only DOWNLOAD the recently ordered articles until December 20th 2019.
  • Why suddenly until December and not only until May, as initially announced? That was not really planned. Many users, however, asked for it and the interest just does not break. I once again negotiated with the server provider. Actually, my contract is to terminate only at the middle of the year, ie either in May 2019 or May 2020. But 2020 would not have been affordable, so I had to go out myself all the time from May 2019. From obligingness and much to my own surprise, they agreed to a termination to the contract center, to December 20th 2019 - this date is now fixed, the termination under roof!
  • The Prepay Account is also fully usable until December 15th 2019, can be used and also charged! There is even a permanent 25% recharge bonus on EVERY charge, from now to the end of the page, no matter how it is done! One should only pay attention, at the latest on December 15th 2019 use up all the credit, since it can not be used thereafter, on December 20th 2019 all data will be deleted and you can not use any remaining balance or otherwise paid back. For privacy reasons, from then on, no user account is more comprehensible. Use & recharge with 25% bonus is until December 15th 2019 but as usual possible and recommended. Read all about the easy to use, anonymous Prepay Account here. (Of course you can also pay with credit card or even things like Amazon gift coupon code from most countries. Ask me.)
  • Interested in the old Feet-per-View.com productions? With videos in which also spoken, with worship and more? There are currently still all clips and photo series of all models there. Write me a message and ask for the link to a page with more info and about 1500 (!!!) previews of all clips and series. You get the link without obligation, the downloads cost depending on the order quantity from only 1 Euro (abput US-$ 1,20)! For Feet-per-View.com productions (as opposed to Fairy-Feet.com, where there is no minimum quantity) there is only a 10-item order minimum because I have to compile the downloads manually. It is definitely worth it! Just mail me here.
  • There are many payment methods. The payment by Mastercard will probably not be possible by the middle of the year, because Mastercard charges us a very high annual fee, which is not worthwhile anymore.
  • Attention: December 20th 2019 is the ultimate date. Here everything ends guaranteed at the latest. From now on, however, models can request a very unbureaucratic, without reasons and everything contractually regulated in spite of a week off, if they wish - for the sake of the models, who may no longer feel like it. Are you a model who wants to be taken off the page? Then please email me (and make it somehow believable that you really are). For all visitors to the site, this means there is no guarantee that all models will stay online until the end of the page. If a model gets out, this will be announced for about 1 week on the start page.
  • Should anything else happen that makes a previous shutdown inevitable for me, a kind of force majeure, the site can end much sooner. In that case, however, I will announce it to the best of my ability at least 1 week in advance.
  • Although there are usually no new updates, it always pays to stop by. Should a model apply (I'm not looking for it anymore), I can not rule it out to do a shoot again because of the old times. But it's not planned.
  • If the site has left the net on December 20th 2019, you will still be able to contact me until about March 2020 via the email address topsyturvy@gmx.de. However, no restores of downloads are possible from December! Not for me either! If restorations are desired, this is possible (for a small fee) until December 15th 2019. After that no more. If interested, please mail to me. And in your own interest please always make (several) backups of paid downloads. After December 15th 2019 I can not send anything to anyone!

Thanks for reading and have fun with this page until its definitive end in December 2019!