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How will it all go on in 2019? When will Fairy-Feet.com end? (Updated January 27th 2019)

It is pretty sad actually, that's right. But there are many reasons for me to end this project slowly but surely. To name a few: Less and less models want to model today, cause they don't wanna show up for such a huge audience any longer. Today internet is on each TV, even on smartphones, watches and in all class rooms of schools and universities. And since we have 100% pure and natural girls next door and NOT professional models, this became a huge problem. Another reason is the technical evolution. To keep this project technically up to date I would need a lot of time which I just don't have any more. And also there are a few private reasons why I need to shut down this site. If you want to know it more detailled or if you have questions about it, please mail me here.

These milestones, major changes, facts and dates are important:

What happened in 2018/19 so far:
  • There won't be any new Fairy models (the almost last came in February 2018. There was one exception in January: See below!)
  • Fairy-Feet.com-own updates ended in March 2018
  • In May 24th 2018 prices even FELL DOWN to just 2,50 euros per download! Our "Thank-You" for 8+ great years!
  • From April until September 2018: Twice a week an update of models, series and clips of the site Feet-per-View.com! A Best-Of.
  • From October 5th until end of 2018 there was 1 update per week (fridays). Still a Best-Of Feet-per-View.com!
  • In January 2019 we had our very last brandnew suprising model Emma.
  • You can still use the Prepay Account of course. Just make sure you spend all your credits before the site ends (by May 31st 2019). You will get a permanent 25% bonus on any chargement you do now!

What you can expect in 2019:
  • From now on, Fairy-Feet.com stays online without any updates. You still can download all you want for the lowest pricing policy ever in 19 years!
  • You still can use, charge or create the prepay account and will get ALWAYS 25% bonus now!! Find more details about the easy to use, anonymous Prepay Account here
  • You also still can download ALL productions from Feet-per-View.com ever made for prices starting at just 1 euro (= 1 US-$) for 1 production. Just mail me here that you want to see the link with further information about how to order Feet-per-View.com stuff and with 1.400(!!!) preview collages!!
  • At May 31st 2019 this site and all related things (like Feet-per-View.com Download opportunity) will end!!! This is kind of a guaranteed date! I will try my best to maybe keep it updateless alive until end of 2019 but it depends on the contract I have with my webhost. This contract officially ends in the middle of 2019. So make sure you download all before May 31st. There is a 3% chance though that the site will be up until end of 2019 but then without all the credit card support cause these are other contracts ending in middle 2019.

Thanks for reading and have still a lot of fun in 2019 until the end at May 31st 2019!