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How it works!

We want to make it pretty short. And actually we can, cause Fairy-Feet.com works very intuitively!

Check you browser

Fairy-Feet.com uses modern browser technology. A recent browser would be needed. Fairy-Feet.com runs well in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Google Chrome.
One of the things you can do to make sure if your browser fits to us, is that you will see submenu items when hovering over the menu above. In case you don't see any sub menu and don't wanna download a browser update, you can use the sitemap, which is always linked at bottom/right of each site.

Select your currency

See top, right above the menu bar. There you can choose from many different currencies. We have pretty many, if you still miss your country's money, mail us, and we can change that! The currency you choose will make all prices displayed in your money during your whole vist. Please recognize that non-euro currencies are just very close-to values. You will be still charged in euros, but it will be pretty close to your money displayed.

Sneak through our site

Select "MODELS" from the menu for example to have all girls displayed we have currently modelling for us. You can select how you want them to be sorted. Latest girls first, by name, by age, by shoesize,... what ever you prefer.
Or select "UPDATES" to have the 30 latest productions shown at once. At "NEWS" you will always be informed about what's new or what's up (especially new features).

Make use of the cart

We suggest to put all into your shopping cart which seems to by nice for you, by simply clicking on "DOWNLOAD" besides each article of your interest. Later - before finally ordering - you can easily remove items from your cart, when you see all of your "kind of interesting" items sorted underneath. Once you made your final decission, simply choose the way you want to pay and follow the instructions on your screen. We accept many different payment methods!!

No minimum order! Discount already with 2 items!

We have no minimum order. You can go ahead and just download one single production. We suggest though, to buy more at once to save a lot of money (and work for you). With a 2nd article already, we give you a discount of 5%!!! And 1% more for each additional item to your complete order! (2 items 5%, 3 items 6%, 4 items 7%,...22+ items 25% discount on your whole order) That way you can save up to 25%(!!!) when buying 22 or more items at once! This discount system is permanent, automatically and is our appreciation for our many steady customers!

The shopping cart

You can get to your shopping cart (and its content) when clicking on "show/order now" right above in the menu bar (visible with your first item in the cart). There you will be shown all items you put into the cart before. Also the total will be calculated as well as the discount. And all that in your country's money (if selected above). You can now finally decide if there are any productions you rather not want to download. Simply click on "DELETE" besides the unwelcomed items. Once you are done with your choice, one last click on "refresh cart" or "refresh bill" and the "deleted" items will disappear and the new total and discount will be displayed.
Now select how you want to pay. We offer paying with Paybest (which contains many different ways such as Moneybookers/Skrill and many more, Right now Moneybookers/Skrill is deactivated, but you can use Moneybookers/Skrill to charge up a Prepay Account, so you can still pay via Moneybookers/Skrill! Just send any amount to pinnie@gmx.de and mention your email and wished password) or our practical prepay account (which is totally easy to get with another 20% bonus on top! More information desired? Drop us a line and we'll inform you). The rest will be self understanding. After your payment you might enter the final eMail adress of your choice (again) and your downloads will be send to your eMail account right away. Make sure you have enough space for our regular text-email. Anonymous, safe, inexpensive and totally simple.

Models in detail

A special thing is definetly each model's site. When clicking a model anywhere on the site, you will be lead to her personal site where you not just see all of her productions (sorted the way you prefer) but also learn some background information about her, such as age, hobbys, shoesize, height, weight,...
About models' ages: You can see on their sites how old they are right now, today. This might be pretty interesting. However, the most important age is the age in the certain productions of course. In 30 years all of our girls might be about 50 years old, but in their series and clips they will always stay about 20 years of age. Find beside any production the "girl's age in this production". So we thought about it all :-)

Any more questions or problems? - We are always glad when we can help you!