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About us

Let us tell you who we are. Who runs this site? What kind of girls are our models?

We, as maker of this site ...

... are 100% convicted by the breathtaking fascination of beautiful female feet. The main head behind that all is into this "foot-issue" in the internet very successfully active since year 2000! A lot of "old foot friends" know us for a long time already. We just can not understand why - when talking about beautiness - all world is thinking about face, figure, breasts or "asses" only. Why not include feet into all this beauty-discussion as well? So we just HAVE to do this job, to help feet up "from under the table", where they should not belong all the time. When the complete package creates a harmonic unit of nice face, great figure, wonderful expression and also nice and beautyful feet, then we will have a final artwork which just can not be topped any more.

More about this at Our philosophy

Our models ...

... are totally "normal" girls and women (18 and older). Schoolgirls, students, trainees, housewives, employees, ...
For us it is totally important to show the "girl next door" type of girls. 100% authentic, fresh and natural and not a prefessional model, seeing 1000 times before on any website about any topic. Our girls all have in common that they just love to model, to show and move in front of a cam, to make experiences and just to have a lot of fun. To play a very little bit with sexyness without overloading it. 99% of them are totally camera debutantes, picked up on the street. That way they have a lot of fun doing a great "job" without even recognizing that they show the best possible: Authenticity - realness - naturalness!

We, as well as all our visitors, have the biggest respect for our girls! We are happy about each new application! Are you a female close to Heidelberg? Become a model!