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Welcome to Mathea's site!

It is not very often that we have such a happy person in front of our camera. Mathea has a lot of fun doing shootings and also a big talent for it. In her free time she meets with friends a lot and loves to make music by herself.

Mathea is modelling for us since 07. October '10. We recently have 11 productions with her.

About Mathea
Birthday:July 1992
Age right today: 25 years
Mathea startet here with:   18 years
Shoesize (US):9
Height:1.77 meters
Weight at 07. October '10:52 kg

We show all 11 productions of Mathea.
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Art.No. img00396, online since: 26.02.16

A poll has shown: When it is about socks, female feet look best in white socks. Maybe cause they seem most sporty and/or innocent. Find here 205 images total, taken from 5 series of 5 girls. All white sock images. (Taken from Art.No: img00002, 00006, 00031, 00034, 00056)

205 Images, 99 MByte
Models (Age):
 Tanja (18)
 Angel (20)
 Mathea (18)
 Inga (20)
 Lisa (18)
5.00 €  Downloaden

Mathea at the abbey
Art.No. img00209, online since: 09.04.13

Let's take: Wonderful weather, a fascinating view over Heidelberg, a great abbey ruin, a beautiful girl with marvelous feet and a nice outfit with and without nylonfeet and the result will be such a summer dream banned in 76 images! Again a series which would be even worth 10times as much!

76 Images, 45 MByte
Mathea is here
19 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Mathea's workout
Art.No. clp00054, online since: 09.11.12

Wonderful weather, beautiful nature - perfect conditions for a little bit of sports. So Mathea runs through the forest but decides to make a little break with cool refreshing water running over her feet directly from a natural fountain.

10:05 minutes, 156 MByte
Mathea is here
19 years old.
3.00 €  Downloaden

2nd Anniversary!
Art.No. img00150, online since: 05.06.12

We celebrate 3 things at once: We turned 2 years young now, we have the 50th girl online and now the 150th image series! So we offer this great special set. Perfect for first time orderers to check out our service and quality. We took 5 times half the photosets (=5 girls) from 5 different series (taken from img00103, 00127, 00131, 00136, 00144)

156 Images, 56 MByte
Models (Age):
 Tanja (19)
 Anja (18)
 Mathea (18)
 Madhuri (19)
 Anna (20)
4.00 €  Downloaden

Angel Mathea
Art.No. img00144, online since: 08.05.12

It really was about time to present such an angel like girl in the only suitable way! In soft white you experience a really breathtaking posing with this wonderful girl!

59 Images, 8 MByte
Mathea is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Mathea at the railway
Art.No. img00129, online since: 21.02.12

A wonderful afternoon in the late summer. You meet Mathea at her car. There, at the silent, idyllic environment of an old freight depot she shows you her fantastic soft feet.

75 Images, 48 MByte
Mathea is here
19 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Mathea in Sneakers
Art.No. img00099, online since: 18.10.11

Finally an outdoor set with this dreamgirl. She waits for you in Adidas Sneakers and white socks. But after a little while she takes both off for you, so you can adore and enjoy her pure feet as well.

71 Images, 46 MByte
Mathea is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Mathea in Nylons
Art.No. clp00017, online since: 24.06.11

She still wears shoes but they are off pretty soon so you can see her feet shine throug these nylon material. At the end she even takes off the nylon socks so you can adore her bare feet totally pure.

6:55 minutes, 73 MByte
Mathea is here
18 years old.
3.00 €  Downloaden

Mathea in Balloons
Art.No. img00060, online since: 26.04.11

For a wonderful set it doesn't need very much, but sometimes less is all already! A totally beautiful girl, dreamlike feet and a just marvelous photoset is born!

61 Images, 10 MByte
Mathea is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Mathea's every day life
Art.No. img00031, online since: 21.12.10

She impressed by a wonderful posing in her 1st set already. But you can see, that this wonderful woman also has a great expression when just hanging around, in an ordinary life situation.

61 Images, 20 MByte
Mathea is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

Mathea in Frames
Art.No. img00016, online since: 07.10.10

First in black nylons, later barefoot as well, Mathea poses with a picture frame and a mirror. The mirror even optical doubles her totally fresh and joyful charisma.

62 Images, 12 MByte
Mathea is here
18 years old.
2.50 €  Downloaden

We show you all 11 productions by Mathea. 9 Photosets   and    2 Videoclips.
The amount of Mathea's productions may raise in future.
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