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Welcome to Fairy-Feet.com

What is this website about?
We want to show the fascinating and adorable innocence of beautiful female feet and their charisma when shot with the cam - just as they are!
It is not our attidude to overload images with unnatural scenes but we want to show girls right next door, picked up from the street, right after school, university or job, taken in middle of their every day life - showing off their marvelous feet.

Right now we are happy to have 124 breathtaking, natural fairy feet girls, acting in 499 photosets and 269 videoclips.

All our foot girls live in Germany. They are 100% authentic, natural "girls next door" and not casted models.
The very low costs for a series or a clip are because we want everybody to find as many productions as he want!

Fairy-Feet.com - the name says it all. Fairytale-alike girls are happy to welcome you!

Have fun looking around and stop by frequently!

 The latest model
Lola was studying at the Heidelberg University when we did these productions. And even though that she directly came from her home country Spain she spoke our language almost perfectly already, as you... more
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This site will end in 2018!      (News of January 24th 2018)

Yes, it is true. After 8+ years, this site will end after December 2018. Before, there will be some major chages, which are interesting for all the steady customers. There will be an update stop, a Best-Of Feet-per-View.com and even a price raise.

Find more information here.

Yours Fairy-Feet.com - Team
The latest videoclip

Lola & Alma In Your Face
from 2018-06-22

Oh yes, these two honeys are really best friends. So they hug each other while holding their socked (and later bare) feet to you. While in their last series they were more busy with each oth   more of her

Pic of the moment: 'Trixi in Nylons'
Image from art.no.img00147, 67 images total
The latest photoset from 2018-06-19

'Lola & Alma fool around'   Photoset with 51 Images (19 MB) more updates

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